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    The Blue Experience - Soil - LED - Vero 29

    Hello everyone, This is going to be my first grow journal so please be patient with me LOL. I started growing Cannabis 3 years ago. I am not an expert. Far from it actually. I have experimented with almost every grow style, from soil to DWC, to coco. Over the years, I have gained my experience...
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    1st Attempt With Blueberry & Northern Light Autoflowering

    What strain is it? Blueberry and Northern lights autoflowers from ILGM Indoor closet grow Soil or Hydro? Hydro with coco coir and perlite mix Using Wal mart 2 gallon bucket with hole drilled for drainage Size of light? 250 watt hps Is it aircooled? No Temp of Room/cab? 78 daytime/67...
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    Auto femenized Setup: 250W HPS small closet - auto Somango Widow & auto Blueberry

    Hi guys, Hope everything is doing well with all! Im posting to show my setup and share with others: I have 2 plants with 0,50 cm with 44 days. |auto Somango Widow| Génétique: Somango Rendement: 350 - 400 g THC: 15% Intérieur: 60 - 90 cm Extérieur: 90 - 120 cm Floraison: 60 jours...
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