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  1. L

    Listen2marley's Indoor Multi Strain Grow - 400W HPS & 105W CFL

    so this is my first time posting a grow journal and also my first indoor grow ever. Im on a very low budget so lets see how this goes. im using a 150W HPS with 4 CFLs ( 1-40W 2-20W and 1-15W). for soil im using a local companies organic soil mix. I also have each plant sitting ontop of a root...
  2. Captain Kief

    Captain Kief's Mixed Auto 250W 2700K CFL D.I.Y Closet 1st Grow

    Hey everybody! I just want to start by saying howdy, I'm new to this site I used to frequent another site although now that I'm getting into growing I had a look about and here seemed best for what I'm after so hello fellow stoners :yummy: . I'm not used to writing anything really so I had...
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