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auto chocolate skunk

  1. Nev

    Couple DDa 1 Mutant And A Chocolate Skunk: LST Auto Grow

    I guess I will go it again here with my 2nd Auto tent grow. I took the liberty to get it up and going so let’s see what becomes of it. 2x4 tent SP3000 Marshydro LED 5gal fabric pots 1) 9” fan 1) 6” fan 6” carbon filter and inline exhaust fan 1) 4” inline duct fresh air fan 3) temp/hydrometer...
  2. H

    Haloplanters LED & HPS Grow - Purple Widow - Auto Choc/Skunk - Auto Afghan Mass

    Hey guys its been a while since i posted on here, but after losing seeds in the battle due to me not knowing what i was doing. i have great success now and great simple understanding on this plant process Heres my setup soil: coco coir(soaked with super thrive & sea kelp) 2 parts, coco loco 1...
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