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  1. Autohyponic

    Autohyponic's Mass Seed Production - Auto-Flower Time Machine

    Mass Seed Production - 4 Plant Seed Chamber - Auto-flower Time Machine I hope all is well out there is the :420: universe. I am here today to show you my latest creation/invention. I call it an auto-flower time machine because with this creation, I will be able to speed up the production of...
  2. Autohyponic

    Autohyponic's - DWC SOG Growing 50 Purple Express Auto Fem - 2017

    Hello everyone. I hope the grass is green on this Christmas day 2017. Currently I am on day 70 of my very first grow counting from the day I started germinating. I decided in the beginning if I was going to do this, I would do it the best way I could with the funds I had. My intent was not to...
  3. Autohyponic

    Finally get to grow!

    Hello every one. I appreciate you taking the time to click my link. I am in the middle of my first grow. I figured I would share my experience from the beginning. I will be posting pics and more in my journal. I recently positioned myself to be able to dedicate a portion of my basement to...
  4. S

    Mars 300W LED - Pineapple Express & Blue Mystic Autos

    First proper grow Lighting; mars hydro 60x5w led Grow room; Gro cell 80x80x160 Ventilation; 6" exhaust fan, 12" fan in room Strains; 1x blue mystic 1x pineapple express autos Mostly indica 55 to 75 days harvest from BONZA seeds Soil or hydro; Soil seedling raising mix plus coco peat pot size...
  5. S

    Auto Fem Northern Lights Barney's Grape. Advice For Best Possible Grow

    Hey i have just purchased some auto fem seeds, northern lights and barneys grape just wanted some advice/info? Best lighting schedule,6500k for whole grow or switch t0 2700k for flowering when to start fertilizing,Soil; fertilizer enriched or plain potting mix and any other advice to get the...
  6. A

    Auto femenized Setup: 250W HPS small closet - auto Somango Widow & auto Blueberry

    Hi guys, Hope everything is doing well with all! Im posting to show my setup and share with others: I have 2 plants with 0,50 cm with 44 days. |auto Somango Widow| Génétique: Somango Rendement: 350 - 400 g THC: 15% Intérieur: 60 - 90 cm Extérieur: 90 - 120 cm Floraison: 60 jours...
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