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auto flower indoors

  1. Nev

    Couple DDa 1 Mutant And A Chocolate Skunk: LST Auto Grow

    I guess I will go it again here with my 2nd Auto tent grow. I took the liberty to get it up and going so let’s see what becomes of it. 2x4 tent SP3000 Marshydro LED 5gal fabric pots 1) 9” fan 1) 6” fan 6” carbon filter and inline exhaust fan 1) 4” inline duct fresh air fan 3) temp/hydrometer...
  2. Iwfy8C

    Advice, opinions, reassurance: thanks in advance, it's all productive criticism to me 8C

    4 plants...4x4...2 led grow lights*new to indoor setting*free seed #1 Day 43(and since its showing pre flower AND preF says its a she and shes an AUTO free seed #2 DAY43(?Strain?)(?Auto?)(?Photo?) GreenCrack(Auto) Day 35ThePrimeShit(AUTO) Day 35
  3. OGeMann

    Light height

    I have a HLG 600 Rspec: Having issues on height and watts. as of now I have it at 24" pulling 450 watts. the ladies are at 5 weeks in flower so any help is appreciated
  4. The Reach

    The Reach

    Silver Haze Auto week 6+
  5. Beauty in the bush

    Beauty in the bush

    Purple Lemonade auto week 6
  6. Revolver seed 1

    Revolver seed 1

    2 weeks veg
  7. Revolver seed 2

    Revolver seed 2

    2 weeks old revolver
  8. Snoopy EM

    Snoopy EM

    Week 5 lst/ topping
  9. Legal Hydro

    Legal Hydro's Speedy Gonzales Journal - July 2015

    Legalhydro's Grow Journal Speedy Gonzales Hello!:420:Community! Legalhydro here bringing you my first grow journal! All feedback is greatly appreciated! This is my FIRST ever grow! :cheer2: Link to the seeds strain lineage/genealogy --> Speedy Gonzales (by Flash Seeds) :: SeedFinder :: Strain...
  10. L

    Listen2marley's Indoor Multi Strain Grow - 400W HPS & 105W CFL

    so this is my first time posting a grow journal and also my first indoor grow ever. Im on a very low budget so lets see how this goes. im using a 150W HPS with 4 CFLs ( 1-40W 2-20W and 1-15W). for soil im using a local companies organic soil mix. I also have each plant sitting ontop of a root...
  11. Perfect Sun LED

    Godbud - SSH - Cinx Outdoors & Autos Indoors - Critical Blue - Amnesia

    Hey, welcome to my new grow journal. Here is what is happening. Three plants outdoors, Godbud, Super Sour Haze, and Cinx. Indoors, two Critical Blues and one Amnesia. Genetics on Critical Blue = Critical Mass, AK47, Mazar, Bluedream. I created Critical Blue, auto feminized seeds. They are...
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