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  1. PacificPeach

    PacificPeach's First Grow: White Widow Auto & AK-47 Auto, 2016!

    I started my grow on 10/30/16. I purchased a 300 watt LED, a 2x2 Grow Tent, and the Fox Farm Grow Big, Big Bloom, and Tiger Bloom fertilizers. I took some very rich composted soil that I use for my outdoor flower and vegetable gardens & I mixed it 50/50 with Perlite. I filled four 2.5...
  2. dunkindabs

    Bad Autoflowering Growing Experiences

    We recently finished up our third grow with an Autoflowering setup and it turned out pretty bad. While this is the first time I have seen it firsthand I have heard of others having negative experiences with it. The funny thing was the buds that grew came out amazing but the plant only had a...
  3. S

    Auto-Flowering Plant Help?

    Strain - Nirvana's Bubblicious (Indica, 3 plants) My 3 Bubblicious plants are refusing to flower. They are auto-flowering seeds so I thought they would just flower, like my White Widow and my Blackberry Kush did. They just keep growing (up) even after snipping the tops. There hasn't been any...
  4. J

    Auto-flowering flowering time

    Good morning everyone, I have a question about the flowering time on my Northern Lights Auto. Most seed banks state 8 weeks flowering. So does that mean that this auto will be at its peak in 11-12 weeks? First grow and learning a lot here. Thanks