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  1. OGeMann

    Mystery tiny plant

    Look what I spotted in the soil, I have no clue how it got there ??or what it ishere are some pictures taken from my phone tried to get a close up that is good enough and also from my scope too. BushDoctor coco loco mix with NLS (nature living soil), perlite, vermiculite and worm casting
  2. Charlie EM

    Charlie EM

    Week 5 LST
  3. IMG_9640.jpg


    Blew Hiller Alien Mephisto Auto Week 6
  4. MikkaTheEnt

    Completed Grow 7 - Girl Scout Cookies In Hydro

    Now that those blasted and deadly-to-growers Southern California heat waves are (hopefully) over, I'm starting another couple of grows, timed for a hopefully spectacular New Years harvest to start out 2018 with a bang. This particular grow, my seventh, is feminized Girl Scout Cookies from...
  5. K

    Transplanting Auto Flowering Seedlings From Solo Cups

    Rookie mistake! I started auto flower Feminized Northern Lights CKS seedlings in solo cups. Then I recently discovered that they should have been started in their final 3 gallon pots so as to avoid transplant stress. Is this info True or False? Right now they are in ProMix organic soil, no...
  6. bulkdelish

    Random auto and AK Auto 120x60x150 grow tent HSP 400w

    just a quick post on the update of my plants. I started only just 31 days ago so I'm a noob. I've got them set up and in a 120x60x150mm grow tent with 400w HSP grow light from flower power with a blue spectrum mixed my normal organic soil 50%, coco 30% and perlite 20% roughly stated usuing...
  7. MaggiesFarm

    Abandoned MaggiesFarm - Outdoor Container - Bubblelicious Auto-Fem Soil Grow

    Welcome to my 2nd grow journal of the summer! This time I'm trying Nirvana Bubblelicious Auto-Fem beans. Number of plants - all 5 seeds sprouted but I dropped 1 and killed it What strain is it? - Bubblelicious Autoflowers, feminised seeds from Nirvana Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What...
  8. profesor x

    Completed White Haze Auto LED Grow GLR

    hello everyone, today i planted 1 white haze auto seed into starting cube, i've had problems of being caught twice in the past, so i will be growing 3 tomatoes to try camouflage things out (hope it works) i will be using full spectrum LED grow lights, 3 lt grow bags, in a 2ft X 4ft X 7ft tall...
  9. BBadger

    Thoughts on outdoor auto grows

    He guys just wanted to hear you opinions on autoflowers, outdoor grows and putting the two together. I have decided that Sensi Seeds NL White Label auto will be my first "official" grow. And i just wanted to know what to really expect, and if i started a train-wreck process. I appreciate...
  10. R

    Any Idea what that could be?

    Hi every one, first time poster and new to growing done few grows before but never had this issue. I planted 6 autos bought online from seed city. a week later to the sporting tow of them "Low Girl auto" & "super skunk" bend over lying on the soil, the spot of the torsion is darker than the...
  11. gardenfaerie

    Completed Gardenfaerie Auto Fem - CFL to Greenhouse

    Hello again! This is the beginning of a journal about my, what else, growing! I am a medical user for pain, insomnia. I will be posting photos and growing evidence! Strain: Buddha Assorted Auto White Dwarf Red Dwarf Deimos Syrup I ordered these seeds before I started really...
  12. 1

    Abandoned Indoor PC Grow Box- Blueberry Crumble- Sweet Tooth- New York City- All Auto Flowering

    This is my first proper indoor grow, I'm using a PC grow box and will have 3 different auto flowering strains growing at once. I have 1 blueberry crumble, 1 sweet tooth and finally 1 New York City. All seeds are feminised and are currently being germinated using the paper towel method. So far...
  13. C

    Completed Crazycarl's Perpetual Auto Grow

    Crazycarls Perpetual Auto Grow Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Autos Indoor grow box I will be removing the mid chamber that way I can get more height and set the lights up to better adjust them height wise too Soil will be TGA super soil oogle it If soil... What...
  14. A

    CFL Brand Names and Other Questions Please Help for Auto-Flowering

    Hello - I'm new on the forum and read a post on CFL tutorials by Tulip. It was a great tutorial and I would like to ask, which brand name is most recommended for CFL's? There are so many and with CFLs so advanced now, the watts don't go very high. I see a lot of 9, 13, 15 watt bulbs. Rarely I...
  15. Weed Farmer

    Abandoned Hydro - Auto Flowering 60 Day Wonder by DNA Genetics

    I got impatient waiting for my first mother plants to grow from seeds in my current first grow 420 Magazine ® that I decided to buy some auto flowering seeds boasting a full flowering cycle from seed to bud in 60 days which would be in approximately the same amount of time when my very first...
  16. F

    Abandoned My First Grow Ever! I'm Excited!

    Welcome all to my first attempt at growing! I'm 28 years old and this has been a work in progress if not physically then mentally since the day I first had my first hit of properly grown bud and has turned into a passion over the last decade of my life. I have a back problem I won't take the...
  17. T

    Abandoned Big Buddha Auto Flowering Feminized Closet Grow

    Hey all, This is my third grow but the first one that is well-researched and funded. I'll go through all the initial specifics in this entry and then will follow up with the grow in subsequent entries. I'm using Big Buddha Automatic Feminized seeds because I didn't want to sex the plants and...
  18. woods brother

    Auto Flowering seed questions

    I have always wanted to try auto-flowering seeds just for kicks and giggles, but time constraints are making them more attractive. I have read :reading420magazine:a lot of conflicting info and would like an experienced grower to drop some info on me, and everyone else. Basically I have heard...
  19. B

    Question on Auto flower

    I have germinated 3 lowryder autos. With a normal plant I would wait for about 3 weeks and start feeding FF grow big then upon flowering I feed with FF tiger bloom and FF big bloom. Is it the same with an auto since they are kinda vegetative and flowering at the same time. Also in about 2 weeks...
  20. G

    Abandoned GardenGnome's Russian Rocket Fuel Hydro Grow

    Strain:Russian Rocket Fuel Type:Auto flowering indica/sativa hybrid Started: Aug 9, 2010 Indoor: Small Tent(veg), Closet(flowering) Medium: Bubble Bucket/Hydroton Lights: 6 Lamp T8(veg)/400 Watt HPS Schedule: 24/7 Temp: 82F RH: N/A PH In: N/A/Out: N/A Nutrients: Fox Farm Trio...
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