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auto lemon haze

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    First grow need advice

    Hey guys on my first ever grow im 56 days in with auto lemon and im curious as to whats going on with my one plant. I read that as it gets closer to the end the bottom fan leaves can wither and fall off. Well the very bottom ones did couple weeks ago then just the other day the next ones did and...
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    New member and new grower - Long time smoker

    Hey guys just joined the site yesterday just found how to introduce myself. Found this site looking for skme answers about my crop. I have my first grow going but need some help/advice. Can find my posts where i explain whats going on. Thanks canfam.
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    Auto Lemon Haze

    auto lemon haze is the real deal perfect smoke 50/50 couch lock damn 50g dry x 5 awesome