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auto northern lights

  1. NL-Auto-LifEnd6-20.jpg


    Organic Northern Lights Auto life cycle end
  2. CKS NL Auto 2nd growth.jpeg

    CKS NL Auto 2nd growth.jpeg

    Two months growth on a Northern Lights Auto after first harvest.
  3. Phenoman

    Phenomenawesome's Auto Cannabonanza: GSC, LSD-25, Northern Lights, Diesel In Coco

    Second Grow: Journal start August 31, Phenomenawesome's 2017 Auto-Cannabonanza in Coco: GSC, LSD-25, Northern Lights, Diesel -Others? Hello all and welcome to my second grow! :high-five: This is going to hopefully be a quickie (10 weeks?) and good time to get ready for winter! :cheer2...
  4. P

    NKOTB's Super Simple Second Grow - PS Dwarf Star

    Well, it's that time again. Buds from my 1st grow were a true crowd-pleaser but I only pulled 2 ounces from the 2 plants. A few things have changed since my last harvest. First, I invested in a new light. Black Diamond Perfect Sun Dwarf Star 230 actual watt LED for the entire grow. This run...
  5. M

    1st Attempt With Blueberry & Northern Light Autoflowering

    What strain is it? Blueberry and Northern lights autoflowers from ILGM Indoor closet grow Soil or Hydro? Hydro with coco coir and perlite mix Using Wal mart 2 gallon bucket with hole drilled for drainage Size of light? 250 watt hps Is it aircooled? No Temp of Room/cab? 78 daytime/67...
  6. QKrop

    Auto Northern Light & Auto Critical

    How's everyone doing on this Easter night Plants are 2 weeks old 3 gal air-pots Mix of promix and biobizz And.. Perlite Vermiculite Dolomite line Bat guano Crab shells Soft rock phosphate Some humic acid Pics coming soon
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