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  1. ItsTommyGunnz

    Another Year, Another Grow: Zkittlez Auto From FastBuds!

    That's right suns out, gunz out. Get ready, germination starts Thursday week 18/05/19! Growing a Zkittles Auto this year thanks to FastBuds.. and Seedsman, who I always order from! Check out there site always fast delivery and if you sign up the bonus points are a handy touch for anyone who buys...
  2. Eve at 7 wks.JPG

    Eve at 7 wks.JPG

  3. Eve at 7 wks Top.JPG

    Eve at 7 wks Top.JPG

  4. Tiny Pistils 2: Return of the Calyx

    Tiny Pistils 2: Return of the Calyx

  5. Pretty lights

    Pretty lights

  6. Tiny Pistils

    Tiny Pistils

  7. Baby leaves

    Baby leaves

  8. Hazey


  9. 20190307_233639.jpg


    Cream Mazar Nug Cross of.. "Cream Caramel x Deimos x Mazar-I-Sharif"
  10. T

    Terpsi's First Grow: Lamb's Breath Auto, SWG Jack Herer & Sour Diesel Under LEDs

    Hello and thanks for checking out my first grow journal, this is a learning experience for me so strap in! I like to go all out so i'm starting with two tents, one with Auto flowers and one with photo periods. I have been doing research on this site for a few weeks and now my seeds are done...
  11. Cannygrow

    Is it just a difference in phenotype?

    Hello fellow growers, I am looking for some advice on my two auto. I want to know why are they so damn different if they are the exact same strain soil and everything. I understand phenotypes but do they really differ this much or is it something I am doing ? I am a first time grower plants are...
  12. DE76D463-EDD3-47A9-BB5E-B3EE3877D6BB.jpeg


    Euphoria, brooky, euphoria
  13. cutie.jpg


    Just a little NLA in it's youth.
  14. Teejrocks

    Teejrocks' Coco Organic CMHx630 Grow With Oasis Genetics Autos Round 1

    Backstory: Round 0.5 was with photo bag seed and made it into week 4 of flower, when my oversight resulted in 4 hermaphroditic plants and very fertilized buds. I had upgraded the grow room to have it's own GFCI protected circuit, which included a new heavy duty extension cord with a very...
  15. Bloody Skunk

    Bloody Skunk

    Sweet Seeds Bloody Skunk
  16. Bloody Skunk

    Bloody Skunk

    Sweet Seeds "Bloody Skunk"
  17. M

    New to growing

    it's my first time growing pot. I am trying with a couple ruderalis plants. One is about 2 ft tall and been growing for 4 months. I heard its supposed to auto flower, so my question is do I need to adjust the light to 12/12 or can I just leave it on 24/7??
  18. 20190123_005219.jpg


    Auto Lemon Haze in Coco/Soil/Perlite (60/30/10) Day 11 from germination.
  19. farside05

    Growing Without Bloom Nutes By Farside05

    Welcome! I plan on keeping this thread an ongoing journal of my grows. In the past I've made a separate journal for every grow and left buts of pieces of information all over the site. Since there isn't a blog feature anymore, I thought I'd make a journal where I can store all my favorite...
  20. C7C0D1B7-DB76-4C5B-A868-8DB4B6380B38.jpeg


    Blue Dream Auto planted 10/5/18
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