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  1. C

    Can seedlings flower?

    Hi! I’m new to the forum and growing! My seedlings are just about a month old and still in solo cups. I’ve noticed though that there appears to be trichome development at the apical meristem. To me it even looks like it’s flowering. I grow outside and have had no problem up until this point...
  2. B

    Advice with autos: overwatered? Tips curling

    Planted these some 3/4 weeks ago, but they have been looking stunted and not well for a while now. Re-potted them just last week into these bigger containers. They are getting Plagron Terra Grow nutes now (5ml/1l) and only natural sunlight (in the NL). They get tap water (which is clean here)...
  3. B

    Auto advice for medical patient

    This is my second ever grow and my first auto. I'm growing two Revolver feminized seeds, germinated April 30th. One popped May 1st and had a tap root an inch long last night May 2nd), the other didn't pop. Both went into seedling soil under a white veg light at 18/6, we'll see if the one pops...
  4. Gorilla Glue

    Gorilla Glue

  5. Pearcey's Plants

    HSO, Bubba Kush Auto

    Hey guys, my first grow was an auto and I was learning a lot. I only had luck with three out of the five seeds, two only harvested 1/2oz and I still have one flowering in the tent. This one I was alot more careful with pH and nutes and looks like my first batch at Day 50 and it is only at 37...
  6. D

    Big Bang auto thin leaves

    Hello everyone! First post on this site, I have 10 Big Bang autos growing, 7 are really healthy with fat leafs. But 3 are very thin stalky grow. Growing in coco Feeding Canna coco pH levels 5.5-5.8 Any help would be much appreciated. thankyou
  7. Mocha420

    Yellow leaves

    So, I have a Dark Devil Auto from Sweetseeds at day 84 about 30% amber trichs and im about to Harvest.. My question, because a follower on Instagram said something about it is.. Does a plants leaves need to be yellow before harvest or are them being green okay and does them being yellow make...
  8. Sevintrix

    Auto Bilbo

  9. Emilya

    The Proper Way To Water A Seedling In A Large, Final, Container

    In the beginning, you may even want to start your seed directly in the final container, simply by putting it one inch deep, pointy end down. It is surprising to some how often this works, even though mother nature does it all the time. If you go this route, lightly mist the area around the...
  10. ogpalm

    OG Palm's LED 2x4 Auto Grow

    What's up everybody, Hope you're all having a great weekend and an amazing year. It's ogpalm here and I haven't grown anything since last Spring. Just got a new place and I'm ready to get back to Kush farming. Lighting: So I now have (2) LED grow lights... 1.) Roleadro GalaxyHydro 1000w LED...
  11. H

    Problem with my leaves in veg: Auto Haze clones

    So I’ve just started my grow with clones about 2 weeks ago and they are looking pretty healthy in size so far but I am getting problems with the leaves as you can see in the pictures - I was thinking maybe a nutrient problem ? I started with 4ml of canna a & b then changed to 7ml per like a 7l...
  12. B

    Iron deficiency? Light bleaching? Please help!

    Critical Purple Autoflower from GCS SOIL: fox farm ocean forest LIGHT: 600W LED & 100W CFL 3 Gal. pot Running continuous 20/4 light sched. Sprout broke soil on Jan. 10 so seedling is 1 week old at this point. Also this is my first grow so forgive me if I’m missing anything.... So from doing...
  13. B

    Alaskan Purple! Seedsman freebie, how to train?

    what's your opinion 420? Freebie seeds I'd like to get the most out of these two plants growing great so far
  14. neiro

    Dark Purple Auto

    About 6 weeks Seeds from Delicious Seeds
  15. Dark Purple

    Dark Purple

    Auto Fem from Delicious Seeds About 6 weeks old
  16. Dark Purple

    Dark Purple

    Auto Fem from Delicious Seeds About 6 weeks old
  17. Dark Purple

    Dark Purple

    Auto Fem from Delicious Seeds About 6 weeks old
  18. L

    9 Auto 400w HPS Soil Grow

    Hello everyone :) Glad to join the community and very excited to learn with your feedback. This is my first time with Auto strains, so, tried to read the most possible about this stuff and my setup is what I thought was the best considering the budget I had available, but give me your thoughts...
  19. Herbies Seeds

    Free Seeds With Every Purchase: New Herbies Promo!

    To warm your Christmas and New Year waiting, we are starting a new promo for you ❄ Free Gorilla Glue Auto With Every Purchase and A Bonus Seed For Every 20 Euros Spent! Visit our website for more info: Herbies Head Shop
  20. Coyne66

    Look at the difference LST Makes

    These are both CropKings White Widdow auto flower. Both plants are in 2 gallon pots getting the same Nutrients. The short LST one is on week 7 and went into flower at week 6. The other one is on week 5 and went into flower week 4. Check out my other post for more information about the grow
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