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  1. Damyanovftw

    Damy's Auto-Bomb, Northen, Green-O-Matic Auto, Tent

    Greetings people! Hope everything finds you well. This will be my first grow journal, and fourth grow in total. Previously I've done Girl Scout autos, White Widow and Silver haze which kind died on me. First 2 were done indoor, as for the third it was outdoor. For this time going back in the...
  2. 8FD4F379-0E6B-42D2-B0B8-6AB0F6546B31.jpeg


    Done or.not
  3. Mjt420

    Nutrient question?

    Hey just wondering if anyone had any opinions on this I have a ten day old auto in fox farm ocean forest soil, should I start adding nutrients at 3 weeks on the 15th day or no don’t want to burn it out
  4. 9F013581-059F-4B71-83EE-E4D455E05C3B.jpeg


    First led project also cereal milk auto, very excited for this strain.
  5. 66F4E991-CE75-476D-A37C-E3F3D48A73CA.jpeg


    My current project the rare cereal milk auto strain, fox farm ocean forest soil, no nutes for first three weeks this is day nine.
  6. 1632760332502_IMG_20210926_143818_192.jpg


    Tangerine Dream
  7. 674B6B9C-0CA3-4EF5-BBF5-FB38C07C6137.jpeg


  8. mimi02ki

    First time grower: Need help!

    This is my very first time planting anything. And I need help. These are triple XL auto flowers and one is not doing well. Growing indoor. It's in the bigger pot because my dog flipped the pot once so I just went ahead and placed in to bigger pot at that time but even before that, this one...
  9. NL-Auto-LifEnd2+6-20.jpg


    Organic Northern Lights Auto life cycle end
  10. NL-Auto-LifEnd6-20.jpg


    Organic Northern Lights Auto life cycle end
  11. TheBattousai

    Two Autos: Lemon Skunk & Critical 2.0 XL

    Two autos in soil 12/June/2021 Lemon Skunk Auto Critical 2.0 XL Lights: Spider Farmer SF1000 (Will switch to the SF2000 before flower) Nutes : Organic Teas and Compost mix soil. Both plants in pig tail buckets. Light Schedule: 18/6 Location : Tropical Indoor Grow 5 gallon buckets. Temp...
  12. G

    Auto Flowers Girl Scout Cookies

    Girl Scout cookie auto flower seeds. Transplanting or starting straight in 5 gallon totes? I’m aware of overwatering issues growing straight into 5 gallons but I hear it’s suggested with auto flower seeds as long as you’re careful with watering amounts. Thoughts??
  13. S

    Harvest now or wait two weeks?

    I am going away in a week and am wondering whether to harvest now with a 1 week dry or harvest in two weeks when I get back?
  14. ReefKief

    My plant is having major issues, what can I do?

    Hello everyone! It's my first time growing and things went bad really quickly for my plant. I'm just wondering if she can still recover or if I should start from scratch. My plant has had some weird problems since the day it sprouted. The first few sets of leaves were all deformed and weird...
  15. Autoflowerdreams

    Pineapple Express Auto

    Reminder squeeze out excess water from rapid rooters. May 2 2021 Watermelon Zkittles and Pineapple Express started in paper towels. 70-80 RH 72-76 degrees. Distilled Water 6.0-6.4. Rapid rooter plugs are soaking in distilled water with clonex solution all sitting on heated seed Mat to regulate...
  16. ReefKief

    Is my seedling mutated?

    Hey everybody! I started my first grow last week and I figured I'd join this community to get to learn more about growing and to get some advice. I've done some research but I have no experience with growing whatsoever... yet :) I started out with a feminized Gorilla Auto from Vision seeds...
  17. Photo 6 - DDA1.jpeg

    Photo 6 - DDA1.jpeg

    Dark Devil Auto
  18. Photo 5 - DDA1.jpeg

    Photo 5 - DDA1.jpeg

    Dark Devil Auto
  19. Photo 4 - DDA1.jpeg

    Photo 4 - DDA1.jpeg

    Dark Devil Auto
  20. Photo 3 - DDA1.jpeg

    Photo 3 - DDA1.jpeg

    Dark Devil Auto
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