1. vcgrower

    Gorilla Glue For Help

    This is my first grow, I am growing without a grow tent next to a window with sunlight coming through. I have a small supplemental LED light for cloudy days/nighttime. These autoflowers have been growing since around December 20. Any advice?? Should I LST? Are these plants looking ok? Are they...
  2. E3446B4D-164A-4FF3-A347-ACDF0B234BE4.jpeg


  3. Carmen Ray

    Couldn't Resist A Christmas Auto Grow

    :cheer::cheer::cheer: Greetings friends and welcome to my Christmas Auto Grow Watching my friends set up their demo grows has got me all excited. I decided that I would sprout some seeds and get going so that I can harvest a couple of auto-flowering plants in late Feb 2023. I decided to go...
  4. 2 of the plants hanging up to dry

    2 of the plants hanging up to dry

    Rest of the tent is in darkness to force finishing, has worked well. Can see some nice shine and brown pistils
  5. Another of the DsD

    Another of the DsD

    Same same, these 2 just finished before the others.
  6. Dos Si Dos. Week 9.5

    Dos Si Dos. Week 9.5

    In full bloom, been a nightmare to get here. Didn’t think some would survive but they’re looking alright
  7. KommandoGro

    First Time Using Humbolt Seeds - Sour Apple x Mint Jelly Auto

    This little girl is 5 days old! Still early but the good genes lookin obvious.
  8. KommandoGro

    Mutant afghan auto

    Here's a mutant worthy of the circus!
  9. Dos si Dos Auto- Week 5

    Dos si Dos Auto- Week 5

    Praying leaves under 500w Gavita HPS
  10. Gsc auto harvest

    Gsc auto harvest

    Yoda know? BwhahahahahahHa
  11. DV8

    Completed DV8 Does Dalliance: A Dabbling In Autos

    Here we go. Nuts & Bolts Genetics : Barneys Farm Variety : Gorilla Zkittlez Critical Kush (Purchased from @CoffeeShopSeeds) Medium: Seed raising mix (seedling) Premixed Organic blend (grow) Nute Input: Back Country blend...
  12. Banana Sherbet Double XL, Auto

    Banana Sherbet Double XL, Auto

    Day 24 of Bloom, Day 58 above ground
  13. X

    Outdoor/Greenhouse: Ginger Ape Genetics Bruce Banner Phenotype Vs. Sherbert Auto - Germenation Stage

    My grow season is starting off with a BANG!! Phenotype Vs. Auto Bruce Banner Vs. Sherbert Ginger Ape Genetics. 1# Bruce Banner Hybrid: OG Kush/Strawberry Diesel Phenotype. 2# Sherbert Hybrid: GSC/Pink Panties Auto Flower
  14. Ethos, Purple Thai Auto

    Ethos, Purple Thai Auto

    Day 61
  15. Jean-O's, Root Beer Float Auto

    Jean-O's, Root Beer Float Auto

    Day 62
  16. 20220704_143806.jpg


    Kosher cake auto by fastbuds. 33 days into flower. Vegged out at 24 days. Started on a mix of Advanced nutrients jungle juice trio and a new nutrient company terra power I've been using their bloom boosters + enzymes. Under a viparspectra p1000. Nice dense buds, short at 37cm.
  17. P

    Help with a two-week seedling

    Hello there! First-time grow, need help, haven't found any certainty in the existing threads Seed: Pineapple express auto Substrate: Coco+perlite Birthday (broke into seedling) April 22 First seven days — just gave some water with PH 5.5 — 6.0 (not everyday, not much) After that introduced...
  18. runt_02a.jpg


    6 to 7 week auto flower. Leave tips turning yellow. Temp in tent is +79F and 60 to 70% humidity average. Light 20 to 24 hrs, then med for 8 then back to full wattage on light.
  19. Blueberry Auto - 34 days into flower.jpg

    Blueberry Auto - 34 days into flower.jpg

    Blueberry Auto - 34 days into flower
  20. AscendedMasterKief

    Mystery Grow

    Okay, so right out the front, I did not start these from seed. I got them from a friend when they were an unknown age. I'm told they're autos, so I got them on an 18-6 cycle like the guy I got them from had them on. Medium is the same as what I got them in it's a coco mix. I'm using orchid bloom...
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