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  1. Dark Purple

    Dark Purple

    Auto Fem from Delicious Seeds About 6 weeks old
  2. Dark Purple

    Dark Purple

    Auto Fem from Delicious Seeds About 6 weeks old
  3. L

    9 Auto 400w HPS Soil Grow

    Hello everyone :) Glad to join the community and very excited to learn with your feedback. This is my first time with Auto strains, so, tried to read the most possible about this stuff and my setup is what I thought was the best considering the budget I had available, but give me your thoughts...
  4. Herbies Seeds

    Free Seeds With Every Purchase: New Herbies Promo!

    To warm your Christmas and New Year waiting, we are starting a new promo for you ❄ Free Gorilla Glue Auto With Every Purchase and A Bonus Seed For Every 20 Euros Spent! Visit our website for more info: Herbies Head Shop
  5. Coyne66

    Look at the difference LST Makes

    These are both CropKings White Widdow auto flower. Both plants are in 2 gallon pots getting the same Nutrients. The short LST one is on week 7 and went into flower at week 6. The other one is on week 5 and went into flower week 4. Check out my other post for more information about the grow
  6. New420Guy Seeds

    New420Guy Seeds: Save On Your Next Seeds Order!

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  7. J

    Does this look like it's burnt from the light?

    white widow auto day 21 Its on one set of leaves on 3 out of 4 plants. and only the second set of 3 leaves, nothing above or below I raised the lights just in case. and went for 24/0 to 20/4. I also noticed the tent was hitting 83 degrees, i now have it at a constant 76 degrees.
  8. Coyne66

    Weird autoflower mutations

    I am a second time grower but new to auto’s. I am currently growing white widow auto from cropkings.com. The plant that is farthest along is on day 17 and is having some weird mutations. It seems to have topped itself and has 3 main shoots already. Most of the leaves are all different sizes and...
  9. Northern Lights Auto

    Northern Lights Auto

  10. M

    Auto AK48 in coco, can't get past first seedling stage: first grow

    HYDRO Sunlight from indoors/outdoors Medium: Coco coir and perlite Strain type: 55% Indica / 25% Sativa / 20% ruderalis I have been trying to germinate and grow SIX AK48 auto seeds for a couple of months now in the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia. I promise I'm not bashing them around, but 3...
  11. IMG_20190925_214359.jpg


    This has to be the slowest burning flower ive cured and how smooth in a joint only after 7 plus days since chop.
  12. IMG_20190925_214402.jpg


    Alaskan purple auto by seedsman . I just ordered 5 fem photos got there for free. On route for this winter Indoor. I am in love with this smoke as an auto. Can't wait to see what a photo can do
  13. IMG_20190913_070940.jpg


    33.7 grams wet for the purple Alaskan auto. I messed up noob lack of experience in soil. Still get a little taste luckily.thank you seedsman . Will be back.
  14. IMG_20190913_071011.jpg


    Alaskan purple by seedsman. Hanging starting the drying process
  15. IMG_20190909_085643.jpg


    Alaskan purple auto by seedsman
  16. IMG_20190907_133755.jpg


    Alaskan purple still waiting for her to ripen fullly
  17. IMG_20190901_105714.jpg


    Alaskan purple few weeks left.
  18. F

    First Auto Grow!

    Hi people, I’m after some advise on my first auto grow. I’ve been out of the game in general a while so I’m abit rusty with it all atm again! Lol. I’m growing in canna coco professional plus, with gorilla glue autos. For the feeding of nutes I have canna a&b & Pk for the later stages. Do I need...
  19. VE8B6610.png


    She bout 50/50, from what I've seen.
  20. Wallanaise the Haze

    First Time: Outdoor Grow

    Hi All, So i have finally decided to try out my first grow now im the proud owner of a small garden. Unfortunately i have no room in my house for an indoor grow so i have no choice but to risk an outdoor grow with the British Summer (which as of late has been very good, hence trying this out)...
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