1. ReefKief

    Is my seedling mutated?

    Hey everybody! I started my first grow last week and I figured I'd join this community to get to learn more about growing and to get some advice. I've done some research but I have no experience with growing whatsoever... yet :) I started out with a feminized Gorilla Auto from Vision seeds...
  2. Photo 6 - DDA1.jpeg

    Photo 6 - DDA1.jpeg

    Dark Devil Auto
  3. Photo 5 - DDA1.jpeg

    Photo 5 - DDA1.jpeg

    Dark Devil Auto
  4. Photo 4 - DDA1.jpeg

    Photo 4 - DDA1.jpeg

    Dark Devil Auto
  5. Photo 3 - DDA1.jpeg

    Photo 3 - DDA1.jpeg

    Dark Devil Auto
  6. S

    Should I be worried or is this natural?

    Are the yellowing on the leaves just natural fade or should I be worried. Feeding Bio grow bloom and small amount of grow grown in all mix biobizz- Week 7 since pistils
  7. S

    Harvest in a week?

    This is a calyx at very bottom At the main top there a few amber. Do you think I can harvest in a week and flush now Had a few issues with light too low causing the crispy leaves at top. Any advice when to harvest. Buds at bottom still have white pistils
  8. S

    Day 41: Should I be worried?

    Barneys farm Purple Punch Auto - is it the purple of the buds showing or should I be worried. Also how does it look?
  9. freedom8976

    First Grow: Northern Lights Auto

    Hey guys, i decided to create a journal so i can get direct help and not open random threads asking questions. Soil is BIOCANNA Bio Terra Plus | CANNA UK Led SF1000 LED 18/6 schedule, 50cm from the plant. Planted in 17lt pots, usin RO water. Temp/rh is sable at 23C/50% Nutes i am using/going to...
  10. S

    Ripped leaves and deformed growth - Auto

    New growth isn’t deformed but there are some rips on leaves but I can’t see bugs or pests even with a loupe microscope. Could it be from LST? Any advice New growth also seems wierd but can’t tell if it’s just preflower
  11. S

    Week 3 Auto: how long till the nodes grow?

    Having done LST does it look ok for week 3? How long till those lower nodes grow out a bit because they seem very condensed down The wholes are caused by LST wire so ignore those
  12. S

    On Day 18 Purple Punch Auto. How’s the LST looking?

    Couple of tears in leafs will it be ok? There is also some crumpling on bigger leaves. Is this an indica trait? It’s my for indica so just wondering
  13. J

    Help! Leaves with chlorosis and necrosis

    Hello growers! Disclaimer: I would like to say that I am a complete beginner with almost no experience growing Cannabis. This girl is an Auto Super Skunk (Geaseeds) and was put in 1L Airpot (with Biobizz Light Mix soil) after seed germination and she was going very well for around 3-4 weeks. I...
  14. M4rco2t0ned

    First time indoor grow: Need help friends!

    Hello fellow friends, I am a new grower looking for some insight on my plant and my grow tent setup. It's coming to the third week since it sprouted and I believe it is not growing as fast as it should. My setup is: - 60x60x160 cm tent - soil is a mix of coco and perlite (pH 6.8) - strain is...
  15. L

    Lighting schedule >24h

    Hi, I am just starting to learn what autoflowering strains are and how they react to stimuli. This plant is so interesting! Far from wanting to open another thread on 18+6, 20+4, 24+0 light+dark schedules, I have a more specific question which I was not able to answer looking at some online...
  16. D

    Tangerine Dream Auto grow week 3 and not growing! Newbie here!

    Hello All! This is my first grow so please be gentle!! I have a tangerine dream auto from growers choice seeds. They are in week three and they are very small.......I think. I have also attached everything I am using for this grow. I am using mother earth Coco. The grow light height is at OEM...
  17. Lil Seedling

    Lil Seedling

    A blown up picture of one of the seedling
  18. S

    Sherm’s Auto Amnesia Haze & Auto Diesel Organic Mars Hydro Grow

    Hello everyone! I got my seeds yesterday & I am looking to get started here with my girst grow & journal! I have been creeping around the forums here for over 10 years now... Unfortunately I rarely logged in or contributed, but all that is changing tonight. I have had the amazing opportunity of...
  19. S

    Victory Seemango Auto is Killing It!

    She’s at 21 days today. What a beautiful plant. Hat’s off the the people at Victory.
  20. J

    Soil run off pH/EC, high EC in run off water: does this matter?

    Just wanted to know peoples thoughts and opinions about testing run off water - especially for ec - I watered last night and thought I would check the ec of run off and it came out to 5.9. In soil plant looks nice and green, had acidic soil for the past week but just corrected this problem...
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