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  1. F

    Project #1

    Hello Tokers This is my first thread and my first growing experiment. I'm growing two Green-O-Matic plants. Basically i'm just trying to keep it as cheap and simple as i can while still providing the plant with the minimum necessities. My setup consistes of: * 1.5 Kg of soil per plant...
  2. endive

    Blue Mystic Autos + LEDs + Bubbles

    Welcome, Please feel free to pull up a monitor & keyboard and buckle up for another frolicking adventure, sure to be filled with hijinks and shenanigans! Well no, not really. But it could. Questions, comments, thoughts, ideas all welcomed! (Intellectual debate even) The specs...
  3. endive

    Cotyledon branching?

    I don't have a great deal of growing experience, but I have never seen this before. Thought it to be odd, leaves & branching growing from the cotyledon and stem union. Blue Mystic Auto (Fem), 13 Days old. Aero/DWC 230W LEDs So far she's the only 1 of 5 to show this trait.
  4. Kwsmoke

    Mandala's Hashberry

    Whats up everybody. Ok, so I was looking for a strain for my next grow... something I can cross with my Autoflowering strain "shortstuff #1" I'm thinking about Hashberry from Mandala Seeds... here is the company's description.... --HASHBERRY-- Type: mostly indica Contains land...
  5. Kwsmoke

    KWsmoke's Short Stuff #1 Autoflower Grow

    Whats up everybody, so here's the deal. This will be my first grow journal for 420 magazine, but my second time growing. For my first grow I chose Medusa from Nirvana. This will be my first attempt with an autoflower strain, I decided to go with Short Stuff #1 from Dope-seeds.com here are...
  6. N

    Small Time UK Auto Grower - NiceNEasy

    Hi all, I've been flitting around this site for a while when doing internet searches & thought I'd give it a go. I've been growing for about 2 years, smoking for nearly 20 & dealer free for almost a year. To be honest, if I didn't grow my own I'd probably not be smoking. I now live in an...
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