1. T

    Autoflower Blueberry - 1st Grow

    Hello all, I've decided the best way for me to keep track of my 1st grow would be to use this awesome forum. Any suggestions, criticisms, or general information you guys choose to share is much appreciated! Grow Information: Strain: Autoflower Blueberry - AutoBlueberry has quickly become the...
  2. QKrop

    AutoBlueberry - LED - Air-Pot - Biobizz/Promix Soil - 2015

    What's up everyone. Back on my second grow after a disastrous first one when stupid spider mites kill my plants but I'm going to take all efforts to be bug free. Anywho I'm growing Dutch Passion's Autoblueberry strain in 3 gal Air-pots. Another new tool I'm trying out but with all you guys...
  3. iSmokes

    First Time Grower - 3 Auto Strains

    So I've been stalking journals left n right on this website and finally decided I should contribute to the wealth of knowledge! at least i hope so lol.. I honestly learned more on this website than anywhere else.. good people, good info, and good vibes everywhere.. So without further adieu...
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