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  1. P

    New Year, New Grow, 6 AutoFem, Hydro, LED

    After criss-crossing this great land for the past 3 months, I've gotten back to my happy place. While I was gone I loaned my set-up to a good friend of mine and gave them 6 AutoFem seeds. It was a very disappointing grow, but they got some great experience and are now armed with everything...
  2. movie1212

    Super swift and very stealthy

    I place two orders this past week with Crop King Seeds. I ordered 5 Afghan F1's ($35).using the regular $10 shipping. Two days later after 2 lowryders popped I wanted more autofem action for the summer. I ordered the AutoFem mix using the $30 shipping. Both arrived in six (6) days and this...
  3. Weed Farmer

    Hydro - Auto Flowering 60 Day Wonder by DNA Genetics

    I got impatient waiting for my first mother plants to grow from seeds in my current first grow 420 Magazine ® that I decided to buy some auto flowering seeds boasting a full flowering cycle from seed to bud in 60 days which would be in approximately the same amount of time when my very first...
  4. chronicflash

    Autofem Auto Oil (LR x Chem Dawg) & W.O.S. Pure Afghan Kush Landrace (PHASE: R&D)

    So this is my first journal. So far the plan is: Outdoor Roots Organic Ready to use Soil Bags Raise up a good Afghan male to cross with the Auto Oil. The Auto Oil are feminized so I will be needing some seed stock. I think the Afghan Kush is a great cross for the auto strain. So I...
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