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autoflower cannabis

  1. Southern Grower

    First Time Growing

    Please tell me Anything I should know about growing, I’m new and extremely excited to start a new project with an amazing plant that is helping and will continue to help millions around this beautiful Country of Ours! Amen!
  2. D

    Autoflowering seeds

    Hello!! I would like you to give me your opinion, about which autoflowering seeds are the best, I would like to plant a couple of them, if they can be fruity, it would be better. greetings, thank you.
  3. S

    First time grow - Let me know what you think

    No pics as of yet since I'm only on my cell. MSNL Bubblegum Auto, only 1 plant Started in a jiffy pot, then planted jiffy and plant into 3 gal pot with FFOF Under 520w eqiv with cfl, 4 100w 2700k flower bulbs and 2 60w 6500k veg bulbs with reflecter built from the diy section (thanks again...
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