autoflower cannabis

  1. KommandoGro

    Trim, LST, leaf tuck - What should I do?

    Trim, tuck, or bend it over? This gurl is thicc! Shes only about 6in tall and in week 3.
  2. Lavender Best Auto July 2022

    Lavender Best Auto July 2022

    10% SATIVA – 70% INDICA – 20% RUDERALIS THC: 17-21% CBD: N/A CBN: N/A GENETICS Lavender Best x Ruderalis FLAVOUR Its flavour and aroma are intense, with clear notes of lavender, sweet fruit and spices. EFFECTS Auto Lavender Best will leave you feeling relaxed and mellow, possibly to the point of
  3. Southern Grower

    First Time Growing

    Please tell me Anything I should know about growing, I’m new and extremely excited to start a new project with an amazing plant that is helping and will continue to help millions around this beautiful Country of Ours! Amen!
  4. D

    Autoflowering seeds

    Hello!! I would like you to give me your opinion, about which autoflowering seeds are the best, I would like to plant a couple of them, if they can be fruity, it would be better. greetings, thank you.
  5. S

    First time grow - Let me know what you think

    No pics as of yet since I'm only on my cell. MSNL Bubblegum Auto, only 1 plant Started in a jiffy pot, then planted jiffy and plant into 3 gal pot with FFOF Under 520w eqiv with cfl, 4 100w 2700k flower bulbs and 2 60w 6500k veg bulbs with reflecter built from the diy section (thanks again...
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