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  1. I

    Abandoned Growing Blueberry Auto - 420 - & Purple Haze Auto - Soil LED 2017

    Contents: Strain: Blueberry Auto (420) and Original Sensible Seeds Purple Haze Auto Blueberry: 15% Sativa and 85% Indica Purple Haze: 60% Sativa and 40% Indica (4 days younger than BlueB) Indoor Soil Grow : BIOBIZZ LIGHT MIX 10L + 1L Miracle Grow (each pot) Pots : 3 Gallon Smart Pot # of...
  2. G

    Abandoned First Time Grow

    Hey y'all! I have been lurking around on here for quite some time now, and have finally decided to go ahead and attempt to grow me a plant! Super excited for the journey! I plan on growing one auto flowering Durbon Poison in a 5 gallon Smart Pot. I will use a combination of Fox Farm Ocean...
  3. Squeektoi

    Completed Squeektoi Goes LED & Tops An Auto Early Miss

    Strain is early miss from crop king seeds, I started the plant in a "Spacebucket" but have now moved it to flower in what I call a "BudBrute". My grow medium is promix mixed with some coco coir and perlite with a handful of dolomitic lime thrown in and mixed up really well. Cheap 135W UFO LED...
  4. M

    Newbie Here!

    Hey Everyone, You can call me Mz SirOz. I am a soon to be a 1st time grower (as soon as my shipment arrives)! I recently purchased some blue mystic and bubblelicious autos from Nirvana. I have done as much research as I can possibly do to make my 1st grow successful. I'm soooooo...
  5. MisterSniffle

    Completed Mr. Sniffles Hydro AutoBomb Grow

    Hello! This is my second grow journal (also, my second-ever cannabis grow). The essentials: Two Plants (started from seed) Genetics: Bomb Seeds "Auto Bomb" feminized seeds, purchased via Attitude Method: Hydroponics - Deep Water Culture Container: DIY - 3 gallon pail Medium...
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