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    Auto Flowering Seeds

    Hi, I would appreciate any help answering these questions i'm a complete newbie and have never grown before. I am not hugely bothered on how the first grow turns out as It was just a little bit of fun I wanted to see if I could harvest my own. 1. Is it possible to grow without the grow tent...
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    Help with my upcoming PC grow!

    Im planning on starting a stealth PC grow with 2-3 plants. So far ive decided on an autoflowering strain due to the frequent harvests and low height. My main question is what strain to get? Im looking for something that's on the tasty side and is potent, and gives a hefty yield. However I...
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    Abandoned TIG2's First Grow - CoCo Hempy OC+ AutoFlower Grow - 2011

    Hi everyone. Its time to fire up the HID lights and start tomato and pepper seeds so I added a few other seeds this year, Strains (1 each): - Short Stuff - Auto Assassin - Feminized - Short Stuff - Snowryder - Feminized - Advanced - Low Girl Automatic - Feminized - Sweet - Fast Bud...
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