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  1. WalterGamer8

    Do germinating seeds need light?

    I did the paper towel method and all 6 of them had long taproots. I planted them into soil 2 days ago and none of them sprouted yet. I've had them in the dark ever since I planted them into soil, was that a mistake? When planting germinating seeds in the soil are you supposed to give them light...
  2. Grower2020

    Hey guys how do my autos look for 16 days?

    Do these look on track for normal sized plants? 6x6 grow + sea of green . No scrog just super cropping for added strength
  3. VetSmoke85

    Testing The ViparSpectra XS1000 With VetSmoke85

    Hello and good day to you all! @ViparSpectra have given me the great opportunity to test their XS1000 LED grow light and I hope you'll join me in discovering what this light can do. As a veteran I'll break this down into a military style briefing. Situation I wanted to do another autoflower...
  4. B

    Brads 1:1 CBD Auto Haze Indoor Soil Grow 2021: First Indoor Grow

    -Indoor grow -Soil : Promix HP -Feed Indo ( see photo) . Started very diluted feed at end of week 1 -LED light 1000w First two weeks at 36inch height, At week 2 lowered to 30 inch - Strain: Autoflower Fem 1:1 Sativa dominant CBD haze XXL. 8 percent THC to 8 percent CBD - Humidity was a struggle...
  5. S

    Modest Grower humblest seasons greetings to all

    What’s up, compliments to you and yours from me and mine. Just a modest grower in South Africa Johannesburg. Living and learning and keen to drop a jewel here and there haha That way most recent grow and harvest. Not too happy with the final outcome. I could of done a bit better. Learning curve...
  6. VetSmoke85

    VetSmoke Autoflower Experiment & Mayhem

    Hi All, Welcome to my newest and what will be my last journal for a little while. This is the cabinet I built and have done 2 grows in so far. Cabinet dimensions = Height 25 inch, Width 17 inch, Depth 22.5 inch. Lighting = HLG65 4000k Quantum Board Can Lite carbon filter with 120mm USB case...
  7. MVcowboy

    First real grow, clones, autoflowers & random seeds: need all the tips and advice I can get!

    Hello everyone, This is my first real grow. Currently have 12 plants growing. 7 clones ( Green Crack, Sour Diesel, Skywalker, Platinum, Big Bud, Cookie Glue, XJ-13), 2 Autoflowers ( Critical Purple and Gorilla Glue), Seeds ( 3 random seeds from some Reggie). I have some Feminized White Widow on...
  8. C

    Question About Autoflowers

    I have a noob question, well because I am a noob learning as I go. How long is the seedling stage of autoflowers? And when to switch to full spectrum lights?
  9. auto candy kush

    auto candy kush

    her first picture <3
  10. MrGreenFingerz

    16 Auto/Femi, FastBuds, StarDawGs! Flowering

    Here is my first 50 days of my run of 16 Autos of the strain StarDawg from Fastbuds. Its my first grow after some years and i must say i maybe went overhead with so many plants, but cant get myself to throw any out, so now i will just harvest some early, also they are in different flowering...
  11. Dmanlee

    Autoflowers Topped & LST Training - Pineapple Kush & Express, Cheese, GSC

    Will upload photos tomorrow already about a week in but just figured out all the stuff on site and feel like it would be fun to share . Grow I just finished 3 Girl Scout autoflowers with a total yield of 175 grams for all 3 and that was my very first grow.. Current grow strains that I am...
  12. C

    LST Autoflowers

    Good idea to LST autoflowers? I keep reading mixed reports about it, anybody done it and had success or anybody done it and its not worked out? What's people's opinions on this?
  13. KingJoe83

    600 Watt LED Indoor Auto First True Grow

    I everyone my name is Joe. I am a noob looking for anyone with pointers who can help guide me in my grow and follow my progress with me. my set up is currently tent 2.5x2.5x5 feet, 2x 300w full spectrum mars hydro led lights, about to grow in 3 gallon fabric pots, hp pro mix blend growing...
  14. W

    12/12 lighting for autoflowers

    Okay I know they say 18 hours minimum but has anyone grew autoflowers at 12 and 12 lighting? What's the yeild like etc,
  15. L

    Need help to breed autoflowers

    Hello guys, I'd love some help to breed autoflowers. I have regular autoflowers (Himalayan blue diesel). Will I get regular, stable autoflowers if I manually pollinate the female using the male? Or, will they be unstable? Should I just look at colloidal silver to get feminised seeds and...
  16. R

    Autos or not?

    Haven't been on in a while and its nice to see the new changes. A little of a year since I logged on I believe. Anyway, I have three autofems going right now in soil. They are beginning week 5 tomorrow. Two are Seedsman Sour Diesel, one is a FB Green Crack. All plants but one of the sour diesel...
  17. TheDankDuo

    First Grow - 4x4 - 1000W MH/HPS - DWC

    Hello there everyone of :420: ! This is my first journal as well as my first ever grow, so try not to be to critical :p. I have been stalking the forums here for months, compiling research and soaking up all the wealth of knowledge here...really appreciate the dedication people, awesome...
  18. 2

    Marspro II Epistar160 vs Mars 700

    Hello Guys, Can anyone please tell me if I should buy Mars Hydro II700 or Pro160 ? I'm planing to grow 3 autoflowers (for now) And need a good light for couple of years. I bought platinum 300 and I will be returning that light. Thank You
  19. L

    Best soil for autoflowers?

    Hey All i am sure this question has been asked 100s of times.. My question is i want to know the best soil to use for autoflowers when growing indoors i am afraid to burn them with the soil heavy with nutes. Will i be okay putting autoflower seedlings in fox farm ocean with 25% perlite mixed...
  20. M

    No Transplant Shock? Germinating Autoflowers

    Why do you let seedlings/cuttings root a ball before you transplant doesn't that cause transplant shock? So i don't and i never get stunted from transplanting. I was trying to find the best method for germinating autoflowers so here is what i've got: Rockwool cubes in PH water, bang seeds...
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