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  1. Troy01

    Auto Drip Irrigation For CoCo

    I am documenting my first attempt at setting up an indoor drip irrigation system inside my 4 x 4 x 7 grow tent. All are welcome and no topic is restricted so join in and have some fun. :welcome: Supplies to be used (additions may be added as she comes to live). Drip Irrigation System for...
  2. D

    Fully automated hydroponics

    I've spent the past year learning everything I could about traditional and vertical hydroponic farming, such as: Nutrient dosing / drifting amounts over growth stages pH ranges / drifting and micro adjusting Full nutrient feedings vs. top off feedings Concentrate levels between feeding types...
  3. F

    Snow Ryder Automatic Week 9

  4. K

    First Grow - White Haze Automatic

    Hello everyone, first time poster and first time grower here. I do smoke weed for approx. 25 years now because I do suffer of chronic pain due to an inherent deformation of my upper spinal chord and a car accident in my childhood. Cannabis has helped me so much with my pain ever since and I am...
  5. P

    Girls sayin Hey

    Purple Express Automatic / Royal Madre
  6. ewilan947

    Ewilan - Again! - Critical Grow Autoflower - Free Seeds!

    :welcome::420::Namaste: welcome here on another of my grows. this journal will be dedicated to the free CRITICAL autoflower seeds I got from my order at zamnesia.com They will be grown in: -coco pellets for seed germination -small 0,5L pots for seedling stage -11L pots for mature...
  7. O

    I made a big mess - Any ideas?

    Hi 420 community. I'm a new grower, nearly a year. I have decided to share with u guys something that happens to me and would like to read your thoughts. Grow in a simple commode, 1-2 pots each round. A month ago began a new round which was decided on automatic one Nortnen Lite and feminized one...
  8. S

    Automatic Blackberry Kush

    Hello Newbie here from Scotland , just thought I'd say hi. First Time grower with automatic blackberry kush. I have biobizz all mix soil Bio bizz feed and booster And all the rest of equipment Just looking for some tips Also planning growing on 18/6 cycle , with inline 4" fan...
  9. J

    3 White Diesel Haze Automatic Seeds From Sensi Seeds - LED Indoor Grow

    3 White Diesel Haze Automatic seeds from sensiseeds. Date started Valentines day. 14/02/2016. Seeds planted into 3 separate Root Riot Organic plant starter cubes. also whilst cleaning out room found 3 Northern Lights automatic seeds germinated on floor of tent, from my first grow which was a...
  10. P

    Coco - Automatic watering systems - Simple - Cheap

    Ok friends I've switched to coco and I want to make this watering part easier. My idea is a drip system with a res that sits outside the tent. Have a pump and maybe air stone in res that turns on 3-5 times a day for a few seconds. Keeping my coco wet and the plants watered like hydro. Where can...
  11. rattlerr

    Purple Express Automatic Seed to Harvest Time

    I have obtained some of these seeds from Freedom "Purple Express Automatic" now some of the information listed out their on the plants seed to harvest is not listed. However, i have found one website that says 60 days ( seed to harvest) but every other site says Flowering 60 days and that is it...
  12. R

    Growduino - Environment control system - Arduino based

    Hi2All, I'm newbie here but will try to do my best. Sorry for my english, I'm not english-born... Some year or two ago I've decided to build a machine for remote and automated growroom control. Just for allowing me to go on vacation :-) Was going to search all over the internet and found...
  13. G

    Please advise - Lots of pics - Northern Lights x Big Bud Auto (Day 46F)

    Not sure if its appropriate but here are links to IMGUR albums of past days and progression of the problem. 3x3 Grow tent, 300W LED light, 4'' Blower exaust + intake, Full strength Flora Gro, Flora Micro, Flora Bloom by General Hydroponics. My medium is 50/50 Fox Farms ocean Forest +...
  14. S

    1st Grow Dinafem Haze Auto with Sugar Mango Ryder

    Hey guys so I'm pretty barebone right now. I bought seeds from Attitude Seed Bank online. Got the around the 2nd of January. Germination took two full days. First off I got 3 Dinafem Haze Automatic And a freebie Sugar Mango Ryder They sprouted on the 6th in 1 liter pots. Lightimg ...
  15. iSmokes

    First Time Grower - 3 Auto Strains

    So I've been stalking journals left n right on this website and finally decided I should contribute to the wealth of knowledge! at least i hope so lol.. I honestly learned more on this website than anywhere else.. good people, good info, and good vibes everywhere.. So without further adieu...
  16. Weed Farmer

    Hydro - Auto Flowering 60 Day Wonder by DNA Genetics

    I got impatient waiting for my first mother plants to grow from seeds in my current first grow 420 Magazine ® that I decided to buy some auto flowering seeds boasting a full flowering cycle from seed to bud in 60 days which would be in approximately the same amount of time when my very first...
  17. C

    What is going wrong?

    I am growing Northern Lights x Skunk #1 auto, under 400w CFL's. Am still a bit of a newbie and would like any support/help i can get! What is going wrong with this grow? There is some yellowing and brown spots on the lower leafs. Could be possible i over watered, and/or water was too acidic...
  18. N

    Small Time UK Auto Grower - NiceNEasy

    Hi all, I've been flitting around this site for a while when doing internet searches & thought I'd give it a go. I've been growing for about 2 years, smoking for nearly 20 & dealer free for almost a year. To be honest, if I didn't grow my own I'd probably not be smoking. I now live in an...
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