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  1. S

    Deficiency, magnesium? In living soil Sohum/Autopots

    Hi, I have 2 x 5 gallon springpots in XL trays, healthy solo cup transplant to Sohum water only soil. 9 days top watering, healthy plants, switched on system. Plants seemed to do really well until the OMG started to show a leaf deficiency. All fan leaves died and I had to trim them off. The...
  2. Flying Whales

    2 LEDs & New Autopots With AquaValve5 Grow Journal

    Good day this will be my new grow journal with 2 brand new Aelius Matrx 630 grow lights. The tent size is a 4X8 and I will be growing 8 plants in total in the new Autopot system with the Aquavalve5. I will post some pics of the build and once I get the plants into the tent will start doing my...
  3. B Dub

    Iced Out: In House Genetics

    In House Genetics Iced Out flower week 4. One shot of the Twisted Helix that was a freebie. Both look like they’re going to be fire! From the interweb. 60-75 days Iced Out packs on frost! It is a cross of Slurricane 7 and Purple Punch. Iced Out leans heavy toward the structure of the...
  4. 20201006_151022.jpg


    Explosive growth
  5. 505FARMER

    Early Start To The Pheno Hunt

    Hey guys figured I'd share the set up and were im at with the babies that are growing. I just entered WK4 D23 of veg from seeds Plants: Germinated 6 gods gift regs (GDPxOG KUSH) have a clone of dolato (dosido x Gelato44) growing with the gods gift. Great strains to grow together since they grow...
  6. 20190913_154240.jpg


    AutoPot Piping
  7. 20190912_082159.jpg


    AutoPot 4pot XL (25L) system with 47L tank
  8. 20190911_185023.jpg


    Active Aqua air pump with 4 outlets 15-LPM 6watt
  9. CB05A685-FF93-46ED-A3A6-FEF59957DCD7.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  10. CE1D4E96-D37F-437F-B7A0-D5E17635A4B9.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  11. ED9D407C-BC70-419E-BFEB-D1822FD42F7E.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  12. 1128A6A0-8A2C-40F2-AB7C-FC9C4DB66CCA.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  13. 3367C0B0-B59E-4165-B8B2-2CB147342269.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  14. 52BCCFF5-6829-47BC-9057-B62F35A13937.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  15. 0EE2C896-111E-409A-BF24-AF322EA75B33.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  16. E519F564-0646-43DF-99ED-AD4F3C1470A1.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  17. B66004E0-965F-4D91-A897-B7BAB99A5814.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  18. 1E502009-AFB1-4ED0-9959-43009805E6D4.jpeg


    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  19. E

    My 1st Grow: London White Widow

    Hello this is my 1st attempt at growing total noob here i am going to do a indoor grow using feminized white widow seeds. i am using 3x3m tent i have 5 gavita lights 600w inside the tent i plan on growing 20 plants using autopots system i am using a tornado box + rhino pro carbon filter...
  20. Skullman420

    The DeVille Presents - A Mars-Hydro Powerhouse - The Perpetual Grow

    INTRODUCTION Most of the equipment you see in this journal was given me as a prize from Mars-Hydro for winning the third Mars-Hydro cup in the category "Best grow journal" This applies to: 4 Mars Pro II epistar 80 4 grow bar 24 LED-120 1 grow tent 120x120x200cm 1 pair of LED grow light glasses...
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