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    Explosive growth
  2. 505FARMER

    Early Start To The Pheno Hunt

    Hey guys figured I'd share the set up and were im at with the babies that are growing. I just entered WK4 D23 of veg from seeds Plants: Germinated 6 gods gift regs (GDPxOG KUSH) have a clone of dolato (dosido x Gelato44) growing with the gods gift. Great strains to grow together since they grow...
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    AutoPot Piping
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    AutoPot 4pot XL (25L) system with 47L tank
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    Active Aqua air pump with 4 outlets 15-LPM 6watt
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
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    Week 9 Flower (Day 57) Eagle Bill
  16. E

    My 1st Grow: London White Widow

    Hello this is my 1st attempt at growing total noob here i am going to do a indoor grow using feminized white widow seeds. i am using 3x3m tent i have 5 gavita lights 600w inside the tent i plan on growing 20 plants using autopots system i am using a tornado box + rhino pro carbon filter...
  17. Skullman420

    The DeVille Presents - A Mars-Hydro Powerhouse - The Perpetual Grow

    INTRODUCTION Most of the equipment you see in this journal was given me as a prize from Mars-Hydro for winning the third Mars-Hydro cup in the category "Best grow journal" This applies to: 4 Mars Pro II epistar 80 4 grow bar 24 LED-120 1 grow tent 120x120x200cm 1 pair of LED grow light glasses...
  18. S

    Autopot Question

    In the process of setting up a 3x3x6 tent (my state voted to legalize rec use, yeah). I used to grow indoors in the nineties but have not been able to until now. I have about $950 worth of stuff headed my way currently and had decided after a great deal of research to use the easy2grow 4 pot...
  19. D

    Autopot Feeding

    Hi everyone. I ve been growing in soil/perlite mix. I've decided to change my setup and bought autopot system. I will be using 100 lt. resevoir with 4 pots. I coulnd't find any information about how to feed my babies using autopot. I'm currently using Advanced Nutrients Grow, micro, bloom, b52...
  20. U

    UltraGärtner's First Journal! White Lemon In Coco Coir Autopots 1200w Grow

    Hello everyone! This is my first journal ever! been reading others journals here and decided to make one of my own! I have been growing now 5 years or so 1 grow at year i don't need to grow more than 1 set in year. that's more than enough for me to get my 1 year supply of the beatiful...
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