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  1. Ron Strider

    How To Like Marijuana But Avoid Stoner Culture

    Even though cannabis has been a major part of our cultural heritage for thousands of years, recent portrayals of typical "stoners" have led many marijuana consumers to wonder how to avoid stoner culture in this negative light. Lazy, forgetful, clumsy, and dim-witted are all characteristics given...
  2. D

    Mylar and Hotspots

    I'm hanging some Mylar blankets in my grow room. About 5 feet from the wall and he length of the table I have. I don't know how to avoid hotspots. Any advice and info would be appreciated. Thanks! Happy Growing.
  3. BikerBear

    When watering & feeding avoid the leaves?

    Hi all, I have just transplanted my seedlings into their final pots. Going forward, when I water the plants, should I avoid getting the leaves wet? The same question applies when feeding (via water medium)? The seedlings are in soil; not hydroponics. Many thanks in advance!