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ayahuasca purple

  1. Kaiser Wilhelm

    The Kaiser's Perpetual Grow: Moving Toward All Organic

    Hi all and welcome to the Kaisers perpetual grow. I grew with a roomie back in college for a year and got great results using entirely perlite but unfortunately I haven't had a chance to grow again till this summer. Last year I was able to reacquire most of the equipment I needed and have been...
  2. J

    Strange dots on leaves and also strange grow of new leaves

    Hello all, I grow Ayahuasca plant. In the last day top leaves start to grow very strange - like folded into itself. In addition several of leaves have a strange dots on the leaves. In the start the distance was 35-40cm but now after the dots poped out the distance between the plant and HPS was...
  3. ShirleyBigBud

    Shirley' First Grow! Soil - 450W LED - Autos

    so finally after pestering the misses for long enough she gave in! i can grow my own shmoke ;] so for my grow i have got myself an 80x80x160cm tent along with a 450W LED, ive got a FANFLOW in-line fan with my 'large carbon filter'. i am going to be growing one Ayahuasca Purple (Barney's...
  4. Asesino85

    Asesino's Multi-Strain - Coco - LED - Grow 2

    Welcome back to round #2! My last journal was a lot of fun but now that I have some experience under my belt, I hope to show what I have learned. I yielded basically 2.25oz a plant for my first grow ever. I really would like to hit 3oz a plant this time but I would be happy with any improvement...