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  1. themaddaber weed babies

    themaddaber weed babies

    either an ATF x Stankberry or a Grape Krush x Stankberry
  2. Growingasmile

    Heat from a piston pump, also noise

    Anyone know how to reduce the noise and heat generated by a pond pump? I love the smell of cannabis getting ready for sleep it's like a mowed lawn but with cannabis.
  3. 685B478C-BAC8-4778-8A9B-2AAC7AD6B06A.jpeg


    Newest girls doing it thing down low I hope lol.
  4. D5DE46AD-FD71-4021-A122-4F694E559669.jpeg


    Here are my two ww x atf and my newest cherry bomb
  5. Babies.JPG


  6. B

    Need help - My babies are dying

    i dont know if its from the tanlin(which is just for insects) or mammoth i used or the general hydroponics i did not use them all at once but i have not looked at my babies in two days and today i looked at them and they look like they are on there way to death.
  7. C

    100% organic White Cookies & Durban Poison Indoor - High quality pictures

    Hello here, Some picture of my babies ! Enjoy.
  8. S

    Help my babies are dying

    my babies are drooping and turning yellow
  9. H

    14 day old babies issues - Help

    Hi there, Can anyone help me ASAP? This is 14. day and this evening I faced this problem with my babies. I am using LED, my soil is Light Mix, and as nutritions I'm using General Organics Go Box. Some of my plants having this problem and some none. What should I do? Please help me soon...
  10. TarheelGrower

    Tarheelgrower's 2016 Outdoor Growing Adventure - 20+ Strains

    Hello to all...its time I start my much anticipated outdoor journal. It will still be a few weeks before these babies get to bath in the rays of natural light, as I live in the mtns and the weather can be crazy here. So anyways...here are a few of my babies that just popped in the last week...
  11. Flybye

    FlyBye's LED - SCROG - Soil - Dr. Pepper - Indica

    Nice to get life back in the shed. just getting this started. will get some info in soon Below are my new babies Dr. Pepper Clones, Indica I stuck these 6 days ago
  12. G

    Help - Are my plants salvageable?

    Hi I'm new here, in fact, first time grower. Planted 2 auto fem's 2 wks ago and I accidentally inadvertently cranked up the heat in my box and fried my babies. Is there any chance of saving the. You think? Both are mostly brown wrinkled and shriveled leaves but a slight green on the tips. Saveable?
  13. M

    Autos - Bubblelicious & Blue Mystic - Soil - LED - 1st Grow - Indoor

    Hello Everyone! I go by the name of Mz Siroz and this is my first ever grow! Woot Woot!!!:welcome::cheer2: I am growing two Nirvana Bubblelicious Autos and one Blue Mystic Auto. The soil I am using is Fox Farm Ocean Forest 3 gallon fabric pots 2 - 225W LED Full Spectrum Grow Lights The...
  14. P

    How are my new babies doing?

    Hey guys just seeing how you think my new babies are doing nearly 2 weeks old only 1 600 watt hps on at the moment 5 gallon fabric pots 50% plain soil 50% miracle grow big bud xxxl and critical mass monster the leaves are coming along nicely but they aren't growing upwards ?? Think I slightly...
  15. S


    New here, figured I'd say Howzzit and post a couple pics of my babies.
  16. ecdriver

    Greek yoghurt stylee buckets

    hi 420 friends, today i checked my mind and decided to turn the mini coco grow i do with some Hawaiian snow into a micro hempy grow. i filled the "1kg greek yoghurt" pots with a 3cm layer of clay pebbles, fill up with coco coir to 1 inch below the top and finish with 1inch pebbles on top for...
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