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baby boom

  1. johnnystackz

    First Grow: Feedback Request

    Attempting my first grow with 2 babie, I will probably add a bigger teen in a week when the tent gets in. I wanted to get some input as one is 2 weeks younger and a little weaker but both seem healthy right now so I'm excited to bring in a few more once these start to veg a little more. I have...
  2. jimmyclone

    Round 2 - Ding Ding - 10 Baby Boom Autos - 1000W MH/HPS

    Okay starting Round 2.... Strain is Kannabia seeds baby boom auto x 10 Indica dominant hybrid Northern lights x blueberry 8*8 tent 1000w mh/hps GH line nutes- Everyone except the aroma nute, as the weed smells enough and doesn't need any help... But mabe we'll pick it along the way...
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