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  1. S

    Right lads need som advice.

    Made a rookie mistake. I have a veg tent when're I take my baby's upto week 2 of flower and then move them to big tent. Well did this silly fucker not forget to put switch my lights back to 18-6 when I poped my next batch of seeds. They have just the first 2 leaves on them been a total of about...
  2. T

    Disposal of Waste Material

    What is the best way? I just do not like the idea of a compost bin on my back garden that someone can look in and smells? Or am I being paranoid?
  3. kingfisher

    Old man and his new garden

    Kids are out of the house now and the bed room is my new garden. Had a short conversation with the 2 kids. The girl took a look at the garden but the boy was a little taken back, it was his bedroom. They live with the X mostly. Soil grow in a 4X4 tent with LED and secondary CFL for flowering...
  4. M

    Crop King Seeds Crown Royal SCROG

    CKS - Crown Royal 70% indica Blueberry x purple kush Im very impressed with the durability of this plant no matter how much I topped or lst it came back. It has grown to this point without any issues and has handles high stress training well. The aroma is very unique and hard to explain...
  5. calidreaming

    Calidreaming's Back With LED Autos

    So guys after a break of over a year iv again got sick of paying for cannabis. If the smoke was good it wouldn't even be that bad but what I'm buying is terrible. So I'm going to grow some more dank for myself. Previously I started with HPS ad most do. After a few years I jumped on the LED...
  6. F

    Will a male plant go back into reveg

    im trying to salvage something out of the ten pack of seeds, that was 2 seeds short, which has produced 4 males and 4 nongerminating fucking tails. But I digress. Since I figured I got fucked on these seeds, I would grow a male out and at least get some pollen out of the whole damned process...
  7. G

    Autoflower might be photo - Switching back to 18/6

    The photo below may not look like a large plant, but this plant is exactly 5ft tall from the soil. It wouldn't flower so I put the room on 12-12 coming from 18-6. I got back from vacation and she is flowering now. This is day 75 for her. Is it possible she is still an Auto and I can go back...
  8. OldSchool 64

    OldSchool's New Mega Auto Grow!

    After a absence im back at it again.here is my new room..all 70 buckets will be growin.. has 9 lights and bright as hell.lots of power.. as for strains ..theres white widow...trainwreck..green crack....diesel...lemon...sour hound...bloody skunk....mexican airlines....cheeze..... og...
  9. Ron Strider

    AZ: Marijuana May Hold Promise In Treating Veterans With PTSD

    His nightmares had gotten so bad, Marine Corps veteran Roberto Pickering was drinking himself to death. "When I got back from Iraq, I felt like an eggshell, and a basket case," he said. "And I was just doing all this self-destructive behavior that I could think of to not feel anything at...
  10. Hazezombie420


    Hi I'm hazezombie420 not been about for a while but in back now so let's grow :thumb:
  11. Ron Strider

    UT: BYU Running Back Cited For Marijuana Possession

    A BYU football player was cited for possession of a controlled substance. This comes just days after former BYU linebacker Francis Bernard and defensive back Marvin Hifo were cited with alcohol-related offenses in Vineyard. Court documents reveal that running back Ula Toluta'u received a...
  12. Troy01

    Troy's Introduction

    Hi 420Magazine members! Been lurking around here for about a year and finally jumped in and am posting my first grow journal. Really love 420Magazine and how helpful everyone has been. I was a daily smoker and toker in the 70's and 80's and grew my first crop back then in my back yard...
  13. Stupidface

    Hello 420 Magazine members!

    Hope you all are having a fine day. I've been planning my first grow for the last few weeks and all my google searches for knowledge kept leading me back here. Then the hours started to melt away living vicariously through other's grow journals, so I decided it only made sense to join up...
  14. L

    New grower - I have 2 White Widow seeds from CKS

    I don't know a proper feed schedule or light schedule. They just popped out the rockwool when I came back home today. So I think light it need to to start tonight?
  15. K

    I believe these 2 buds are ready but look at the back and top of plant

    Day 65 of flowering on this Sour Diesel plant. Grown outdoors in a large pot. 1st two photos are of two buds I think are ready. But look at the next photos of the same plant just of branches from the back and top. Is it a hermmie? But I thought males developed sooner than...
  16. santiago19

    BioBizz BioBloom

    Hi I bought a bottle of Biobloom last week, seeing that I only see and hear good things about it. On the front of the bottle it says NPK ratio is 2-7-4, which is good for cannabis in my opinion, but on the back where the finer details are its says (N) 19,2g/kg (P) 26,6g/kg (K) 30,1g/kg...
  17. D

    Lost power - Need recommendations

    My girl is in the 4th week of flowering. Without power I can't run my light or air pump. I'm using a deep water culture setup. Is there anything I can do to keep this from hurting my plant? Right now I have it in front of my back sliding back glass door. Any recommendations will be appreciated
  18. W

    Old Biddie Growing 1st Plant

    Hello all, I put the horse before the cart and posted in the bud stage forum with my woes. ANYhoo, I'm an old timer, born in 1957 - back in the "home grown nickel bag" days. Had some unpleasant weed-related legal stuff back in the 70's - so cut WAY back. These days, I'm the very...
  19. Ron Strider

    The Lowdown On Hemp, Cannabis And Marijuana

    Banned under the 1970 controlled substances act by Richard Nixon, hemp has recently started making a comeback as a cash crop for farmers in the American Midwest. To convince you that, though both are the same species, Cannabis sativa, marijuana and hemp are very different, I should mention that...
  20. P

    Old New Guy

    I was a 1970's Humboldt grower, back when they called it "sinsemilla". Saw a lot of changes, and moved back to the Bay Area in the early 1980's. Always grew outdoors or in a greenhouse. I was out of the game for many years due to the nature of my job, but now that I'm retired I have the time...
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