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    Gimme your thoughts

    Hello :420:! I'm trying to set up my magic space, which will be a 2x2x5.2, with a 400w hps bulb. My question is: will i be able to cook bacon there, or it will be ok, and if so, with how much ventilation do i need? Luv yaalll:circle-of-love::circle-of-love::Namaste:
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    Warm Your Taste Buds With Tasty Bud-Infused Jalapeño 'Chill' Peppers

    There's something truly magical about bacon. From the moment it begins to sizzle in the pan, it creates a sweet symphony that could rival a Beethoven opus. The aroma is hypnotic, the taste to live for. It's definitely an ingredient that can enhance just about any dish. So, why not pair it with...