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    Virgin Grower - Badboy Lights - Fox Farms - LST - Nirvana Seed

    Ok, so here goes. I haven't smoked in over 25 years . I recently decided to try MJ for pain relief from several blown out disc in my neck but really didn't want to deal with the street, safty, quality etc.. So after several discussion with my other half we decided to grow it for ourselves...
  2. BendMMC

    Quantum T5 Badboy

    Quantum Horticulture Products | Take the Quantum Leap I recently purchased a Quantum T5 Badboy 12 lamp Light. I'm very impressed wih the results of this unit. My plants are at the moment, 5 weeks old, 10"-12" height, 14"-16" width. I'm getting explosive growth! I'm moving this light every other...
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