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    NKOTB's 1st Ever Grow - Pineapplegum - WSS - Coco - LED - 2x2x4

    Strain? Black Skull Pineapplegum [Super Bud x Power Plant] (PG) and Strain Hunters White Strawberry Skunk (WSS) Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? 60 Indica, 40 Sativa PG; 50/50 WSS Veg or Flower stage? Veg- 28 days PG; 4 days WSS Indoor or outdoor? Indoor. 2x2x4 tent Soil or Hydro? Coco/perlite mix...
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    Wanting to grow over summer break from college 1st grow (bag seed)

    Hey everyone, found some dark brown seeds in my bag recently, and I got really interested in growing back home over summer break from school. I have woods by my house with some isolated spots. I was wanting to get tips on growing bag seed, and growing outdoors, as I have a little over a week...
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