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  1. Venturisix

    First Time DWC 2022 Bagseed

    So this is my first true grow. I tried an ebb and flow system that never saw fruition because I had to move. I’m starting off with bag seeds Temp:73 Rh:50% Veg day 28 Ppm800 (+200 from water) 1000ppm Ph 5.8-6.2 System is 2 5gal dwc buckets 2 3w air pumps 2 4in airstones 1 1000w led (150w...
  2. IMG20211105155227.jpg


    Outdoor bagseed
  3. allinflowerroom.JPG


    All four of my bag seed plants in flower room.
  4. firstrootedclone.JPG


    First rooted clone for 2021
  5. R

    Bag Seeds 150w HPS SoG Grow

    Cabin: 40x40x120 grow tent Light: 2 days with 23w CFL, Then 150 watts HPS until harvest Ventilation: large pc fan for exhaust, 12v ventilator and self-made humidifier .. => those who want to make here Seeds: 2 x haze, 4 x kush seeds from dealer weed. Method: I want to try the Sea Of Green...
  6. staynew49

    About To Start Flowering 7, First Time

    I have 7 ladies starting flowering today at 7 pm and 6 more ready to flower in a couple of weeks it is all for personal use. Aren't they beautiful, I'm so excited to finally be starting the Flowering. One thing that is amazing is that I have only used nutrients , 2 times in the whole 6 weeks...
  7. Pearcey's Plants

    Bag Seed Grow: Custom Light & LED

    Started a few bag seed for fun, let's see what we can get out of them. I currently have a green crack bag seed in flower that has turned out very well so far. Grow Tent 4’ x 3.5ft x 4ft Made from 2” PVC, wrapped with two layers of tarps and Mylar emergency blankets. Ventilation Exhaust: 6”...
  8. X

    Mysteries In A Secret Garden

    This is my 1st grow! I am using bag seeds to practice and get familiar with things. I would love more information about the best seedbank to buy from and also what's a good starter strain for my setup. Something that doesn't get too tall. So far so good making it through germination using the...
  9. L

    Outdoors newborn from bag seed

    found a couple bag seeds,threw 1 in the ground and it germinated! 1st outdoor grow. Hope it grows female. we will see...
  10. Growingasmile

    To defoliate or not to defoliate?

    I have max one week left to veg before I'm risking running out of room for the flower stretch how long does it take to recover from loli popping/defoliation? is it even worth it? what are the pro's and cons? I don't want to tie down my girls because I'm in dwc and change out my reservoir every 2...
  11. Growingasmile

    Twista, Grape Presidential, & 4 Ten Year Old Bag Seeds

    This is the beginning of this journey, ran out of calmag last grow and it's a bit of a drive from here to get some so they started in less than perfect conditions but they're still perfect girls.. one of them vibrates when I shade her lighting each plant is unique and abandoning some stinks, in...
  12. ddGreenThumb

    Bonsai-esque LST: Observances, experience, input?

    Some Details I had a bag seed which I planted a couple of months ago. This tough little plant has been very tolerant and forgiving during my learning stages of growing. I ended up trying some LST in a bonsai style and have new growth coming up rapidly that I'm hoping to get some feedback on. I...
  13. 20180710_230547.jpg


    GOD - Jordan of the islands
  14. M

    150W CFL Grow

    At first I got off to a rocky start with this grow. They was in CoCo for 2 weeks with no nutes and straight tap water after I Germenated and on the verge of death lol 4 weeks later here I am. This is my 3rd grow but other than the lights it's a completely new setup. I built the box with scraps I...
  15. MackMcMacMac

    Question about first grow in space bucket with bag seed

    Hi! New member here. :) I started my first grow using bag seed, so I don't know yet if I've got a female or whether it's autoflowering or photoperiod. I'm using a 5-gal space bucket set-up with 4x 23w CFLs (18/6) & supersoil (I have a 180w UFO LED ready to go for flowering). It's coming up on...
  16. 2

    1st Time Grow, CFLs, Bag Seeds & A Whole Bunch Of Fun

    Using CFLs and a closet...upgrading to a tent soon. 6 plants started
  17. I

    Bag Seed Grow - Science!

    Long story short: -Bought a dime of good smoke, and sprouted 3 seeds. -Plants grew to 3 inches, looked like weed - two months. -The started to wither and the 1/2in leaves started to yellow until I hit them with some Fertilizer water I had left over from my diesel watering. Only...
  18. I

    How healthy are these plants - Rookie operation - First day of flowering

    First day of flowering these plants are in the middle of week 9 . They dont show the sex just yet but in a few days will have that info . One of the plants has a defecincy problem if anybody can help il add those photos in , Using CFLs and T5s all the way it works and im broke. Used general...
  19. RueBakon

    RueBakon's - Outdoor Bag Seed In Plain Sight - 1st Time Journal - 2016

    Hello and welcome to my Paranoia!!! I have been a disciple of the 420 Magazine experience for some time. Back before 2009 I started to read the grow forums for several months, did my research and got the gear/supplies I needed to get started. I was hooked. I have been a partaker for over 30...
  20. Nulife

    First Grow - Bag Seed - CFLs & LED - Soil - Closet

    Hi Everyone, I'm new female grower. Very interested in learning how to grow for personal use and hobby, decided very spontaneously to grow with some bag seed I had laying around for about a year. I literally did my research on how to grow while growing. Making my first mistake with miracle grow...
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