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  1. staynew49

    About To Start Flowering 7, First Time

    I have 7 ladies starting flowering today at 7 pm and 6 more ready to flower in a couple of weeks it is all for personal use. Aren't they beautiful, I'm so excited to finally be starting the Flowering. One thing that is amazing is that I have only used nutrients , 2 times in the whole 6 weeks...
  2. Pearcey's Plants

    Bag Seed Grow: Custom Light & LED

    Started a few bag seed for fun, let's see what we can get out of them. I currently have a green crack bag seed in flower that has turned out very well so far. Grow Tent 4’ x 3.5ft x 4ft Made from 2” PVC, wrapped with two layers of tarps and Mylar emergency blankets. Ventilation Exhaust: 6”...
  3. xVMx

    Mysteries In A Secret Garden

    This is my 1st grow! I am using bag seeds to practice and get familiar with things. I would love more information about the best seedbank to buy from and also what's a good starter strain for my setup. Something that doesn't get too tall. So far so good making it through germination using the...
  4. L

    Outdoors newborn from bag seed

    found a couple bag seeds,threw 1 in the ground and it germinated! 1st outdoor grow. Hope it grows female. we will see...
  5. Growingasmile

    To defoliate or not to defoliate?

    I have max one week left to veg before I'm risking running out of room for the flower stretch how long does it take to recover from loli popping/defoliation? is it even worth it? what are the pro's and cons? I don't want to tie down my girls because I'm in dwc and change out my reservoir every 2...
  6. Growingasmile

    Twista, Grape Presidential, & 4 Ten Year Old Bag Seeds

    This is the beginning of this journey, ran out of calmag last grow and it's a bit of a drive from here to get some so they started in less than perfect conditions but they're still perfect girls.. one of them vibrates when I shade her lighting each plant is unique and abandoning some stinks, in...
  7. ddGreenThumb

    Bonsai-esque LST: Observances, experience, input?

    Some Details I had a bag seed which I planted a couple of months ago. This tough little plant has been very tolerant and forgiving during my learning stages of growing. I ended up trying some LST in a bonsai style and have new growth coming up rapidly that I'm hoping to get some feedback on. I...
  8. 20180710_230547.jpg


    GOD - Jordan of the islands
  9. M

    150W CFL Grow

    At first I got off to a rocky start with this grow. They was in CoCo for 2 weeks with no nutes and straight tap water after I Germenated and on the verge of death lol 4 weeks later here I am. This is my 3rd grow but other than the lights it's a completely new setup. I built the box with scraps I...
  10. MackMcMacMac

    Question about first grow in space bucket with bag seed

    Hi! New member here. :) I started my first grow using bag seed, so I don't know yet if I've got a female or whether it's autoflowering or photoperiod. I'm using a 5-gal space bucket set-up with 4x 23w CFLs (18/6) & supersoil (I have a 180w UFO LED ready to go for flowering). It's coming up on...
  11. 2

    1st Time Grow, CFLs, Bag Seeds & A Whole Bunch Of Fun

    Using CFLs and a closet...upgrading to a tent soon. 6 plants started
  12. I

    Bag Seed Grow - Science!

    Long story short: -Bought a dime of good smoke, and sprouted 3 seeds. -Plants grew to 3 inches, looked like weed - two months. -The started to wither and the 1/2in leaves started to yellow until I hit them with some Fertilizer water I had left over from my diesel watering. Only...
  13. I

    How healthy are these plants - Rookie operation - First day of flowering

    First day of flowering these plants are in the middle of week 9 . They dont show the sex just yet but in a few days will have that info . One of the plants has a defecincy problem if anybody can help il add those photos in , Using CFLs and T5s all the way it works and im broke. Used general...
  14. RueBakon

    RueBakon's - Outdoor Bag Seed In Plain Sight - 1st Time Journal - 2016

    Hello and welcome to my Paranoia!!! I have been a disciple of the 420 Magazine experience for some time. Back before 2009 I started to read the grow forums for several months, did my research and got the gear/supplies I needed to get started. I was hooked. I have been a partaker for over 30...
  15. Nulife

    First Grow - Bag Seed - CFLs & LED - Soil - Closet

    Hi Everyone, I'm new female grower. Very interested in learning how to grow for personal use and hobby, decided very spontaneously to grow with some bag seed I had laying around for about a year. I literally did my research on how to grow while growing. Making my first mistake with miracle grow...
  16. G

    GangstaJah's - 178W Total CFL - Soil - Grow

    Wassssssuuuuuuuppppppppp :420:, this is kinda my first grow, i've tried with about 15 seeds altogether now and couldnt really get them past seedling stage. However those were the times of cardboard boxes and gaffer tape :laugh2: I've invested in a grow tent (black orchid hydro-box light) which...
  17. M

    Bag Seed Closet Grow

    Hello folks, This is a Random Bag Seed..nothin fancy. Using CFLs at the moment. This baby seems to be taking off. Havent tried to get fancy with anything except the grow box I constructed. Out of 5 random bag seeds this was the only one that germinated and took off, and shes startin to look...
  18. I

    First Stealth Grow Bag Seed

    Ok so this is my first grow ever and I'm looking for any experience/input you can give me. I'm a noob at this so keep that in mind. Just thought I'd give it a try cause I had some seeds and I hate spending money when I can grow it myself. Anyway first things first I live alone in an apartment...
  19. Y

    First Time Grow - Walk In Closet

    Hello I'm a first time grower just looking for any advice or knowledge I can get to try and make my end result better. So here is the current situation. I tossed some bag seeds in a house plant (never expecting them to sprout). Sure enough not one but two plants sprouted up and about 2 weeks...
  20. stevebass

    Stevebass's Second Indoor - Bag Seed - Grow

    Welcome All! :welcome: This is my second journal which I begin with great anticipation. I feel I learned sooo much from my first grow, and my growing conditions are now more controllable, things should be ideal this time around. I'm still at the seedling stage. I germed some bag seed a...
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