1. A

    Bag seed - Indica Sativa or hybrid?

    Hey everyone! I ran out of seeds (and money lol) so i decided to go to my bag seed reserve. I've saved some seeds of only the best of the best that I've smoked. Anyways, i was wondering id it's Indica, Sativa, or a hybrid? I think it's mostly Indica with some sativa traits but I've only been...
  2. G

    Long term storage

    I'm putting some goodies away for a while. For each package I will use four smaller 5 mil, 5 layer mylar bags inside of a larger bag of the same type and keep in a cool, dark place. I can't really vacuum all the air out of any of the bags without getting really freaky building attachments for...
  3. janeschmoe9

    Using Oven Bags For Decarboxylation

    I hope someone can clarify? When I use an oven bag to decarboxylate do I cut slits in the bag as directed or just close it with a tie as directed?
  4. SmokeyBear88

    This is what 10lbs of rice hulls looks like

    I couldnt find a pic to give me an idea of how much 1 lb of rice hulls looked like. I ended up finding a cheaper source than the ebay auction i won. Each bag is about 1.1 lbs. I couldnt afford pumice and these rice hulls are a great alternative.
  5. I

    A question about Autos and their pots

    So most of the reading i have been doing seems to suggest its best to grow autos in the pots they finish in and not transplant them. However i have also seen a number of posts saying that planting a small plant in a large pot often leads to problems and they don't develop a strong root ball...
  6. NoobyMacDooby

    Completed Noobymacdooby's 2nd Grow - Cheese & Local Genetics - All The Gear But No Idea

    So this is my 2nd go at growing my own smoking stuffs. 1st grow actually managed to finish and got some great smelling and smooth smoking heads out the deal but not much in way of potency. At least it was better than the bag section it came from. Doing a 2nd run with 1 cheese plant (sex...
  7. Bigjake8

    Completed Bigjake's Bag Seed First Grow

    Just as title says I got a bunch of bag seeds and threw them in some point soil thinking maybe 3 or 4 would come up and got 30 to come up wish I remembered what kind of soil it was I would get another bag So I take a trip to the local hydro store to get some rockwool that my brother used 20...
  8. noob12345

    Noob to bubble

    Hi guys, Been a while since i posted anything, but i have been playing at making bubble hash with ok results i guess but with seriously low yield compared to others, even when using decent frosty trim. My last run i decided to run the fresh frozen through the food processor with the...
  9. Ron Strider

    CO: Sick Man Brings Trash Bag Of Marijuana To Emergency Room

    He went into the hospital feeling under the weather. But he's probably feeling even sicker now after Lakewood police confiscated a trash bag he was carrying that was full of marijuana. And he might face criminal charges for it. A 49- to 50-year-old transient went to a free-standing...
  10. KnottyDread

    Completed 2 Bubbleicious Autos - Gelato Clones - Scrog - 800W LED - Indoor & Outdoor

    Waaaat it back hopefully this time to perfect my craft....So this time I'm going with 2 Bubbalicious autos I got online got 5 in total. Was smoking on some Gelato 45 and it was super fire but out of all of it I was blessed with a seed. The other bag seed was from alright PR. I'm outside...
  11. C

    Completed CoopExquisite's Soil & Coco Bag Seed Grow Journal 2017

    I'm a few weeks into the grow, but have been snapping photos along the way. Guess this is as good of a time to introduce myself as any. Retired from the USMC in 2015 and currently working towards a Bachelors in finance. I've been tossing around the idea of growing my own medication and...
  12. A

    Method to clean my system

    I swallowed a bag of weed approximately (0.7 grams) I have the whole weekend when I induced the bag wensday night. I should be getting tested on Monday or Tuesday. Im not a regular smoker haven't smoked in months so what should I do to not give a diluted urine.
  13. W

    First time grower

    Hello everyone. I set up my first grow almost a month ago. I decided to have 2 small tents and on the first one I germinated some bag seeds. Why bags seeds? because I dont want to ruin the only few goods seeds I have and where I live it is not easy to get them. My plan is to learn as much...
  14. Emeraldo

    Completed Semi-Guerilla Sinsemilla

    welcome to my first grow journal. i am a newbie with a few years' of growing experience but wanted to share, first, the idea of this year's grow -- why i called it "semi-guerilla sinsemilla" and second to post updates on how the grow progresses. am growing Blueberry Headband and Sour Diesel...
  15. Jackalope

    Water hash how to?

    I'm sure it is in here somewhere but don't have time to search for it. Any tips would be great. I know the basic method of it but have never tried it before. I'm using a 5 bag set for 5 gallon bucket. I'm using mostly good frosty trim. Plus 1 jar of Crimea Blue that I wasn't a big fan of. I...
  16. Gardenseed

    Can you tell what strain?

    I'm trying to get more info about a Mystery seed I got out of a bag of prime Kush. 3 out of 3 of the seeds from the bag grew to look exactly the same. I'm told it's Purple Kush but from what I've seen in my research Pk looks different. Does anyone have this knowledge and expertise?
  17. A

    Happy Frog or Ocean Forest and add HF nutes? Need to order ASAP!

    I was originally gonna buy both soils and do 50 50 mix (read good results doing that) but I can't afford it because the shipping cost more than the items. I already have a bag of HF nutrients so, what would be better and would it also be easier? I'm still very new to this. Thanks in advance.
  18. T

    Vape bag Q's - DIY Q's

    New to vaping, just built a heat gun vaporizer that pushes the hot air thru a vape chamber and thru a 1/2" pipe into a plastic cooking bag. Seems to work well so far. Need to get a better bag attachment / valve system like the volcano easy valve or similar to provide an easy quick...
  19. A

    FF Of 1.5cu ft or 12 qts - What's bigger?

    The prices wildly range from $11 a bag to $60+ a bag and I can't seem to figure out what's bigger or if they're the same so please excuse the dumb question lol
  20. ramstimple

    Abandoned Bag Seed & Clone Cupboard Grow

    First time indoor grow got gifted a couple of clones unsure of strain. have sampled bud from clones and was impressed, hard hitting high. grow space is 2ft x 3ft x 5ft 2 bag seed going as well all grown in 20% Perlite 10% vermiculite 70% potting mix. started on a strict budget so 1x 900w &...
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