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  1. M

    Ok So Question

    About an hour ago or so I was preparing for bed so I grabbed my baggy misted my plants and the inside of the baggy.. Before the baggy was on my 1st set of true leaves were 45'ing now that the baggy is on and I guess it has made a humidity enriched environment inside the baggy my leaces have...
  2. SoloVoodoo

    Single toker hash - How to

    I had explained my method in a post before posting here and someone asked for pictures, so I thought I'd make a whole new thread just in case no one knows that they can get some pretty good hash with just left over keif. My method is simple and easy can be modified to a bigger scale but then you...
  3. T

    Pollen sack storage?

    What is the best way to store pollen sacks? Can you use a plastic baggy?
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