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  1. G

    Long term storage

    I'm putting some goodies away for a while. For each package I will use four smaller 5 mil, 5 layer mylar bags inside of a larger bag of the same type and keep in a cool, dark place. I can't really vacuum all the air out of any of the bags without getting really freaky building attachments for...
  2. Ron Strider

    NE: NSP Investigators Seize 50 Lbs. Of Marijuana In Omaha

    Investigators with the Nebraska State Patrol (NSP) have arrested a man and seized 50 pounds of marijuana at the Omaha train station. Investigators were conducting routine operations during the morning hours of Friday, October 13, when they noticed two suspicious bags in the cargo area of a...
  3. Ron Strider

    MA: State Police Arrest 2 For Alleged Lawrence Marijuana Sales

    A Methuen man and a Lawrence woman were arrested Tuesday night after the car they were in was stopped by State Police and a large quantity of marijuana, refined THC and cash was found. Tommy Marte, 23, and 24-year-old Mery Rodriguez were taken into custody in Lawrence Tuesday night shortly...
  4. higherthehigh

    CO2 bags in grow tent - Up or down?

    Just bought 2 co2 bags for my grow tent as im running 3 600w hps lights in cool shades/tube. Temps are hitting 30c which is apparently good while using co2 bags, question is do i put them up a height or on the floor? I have fitted them up high level with my lights is that the correct way...
  5. D

    Flood time with grow bags

    Ok so I'm making a change from square plastic net pots (which I usually flood for 15 minutes 4 times a day) to 3 gallon grow bags. Just wanted to know how often and how long others are flooding the table with grow bags.
  6. Ron Strider

    ME: Marijuana Shop Promises Free Weed To Cleanup The City Of Gardiner

    Some are calling his methods controversial, but Dennis Meehan says the community is reaping high rewards. Literally. Meehan discussed the success of a recent social media campaign in which he promised free cannabis to anyone 21 and over who donated their time to a community cleanup project...
  7. D

    I got a great deal on 12qt FFOF! Read on

    Okay, So, I'm over at Amazon to pick up a T5 light set, and as usual, I check out to see what sales are happening in the soil department. This 12qt bag of FFOF keeps popping up on my sideview, and I'm dismissing it, because I'm never interested in anything smaller than the 1.5 cubic bag of...
  8. F

    Matching rosin bag size with plate size

    Anyone know what size bags to use for 3x6 plates. I am going to make an order soon and don't want to get bags that are too big or too small. thanks
  9. golfer420

    Golfer420 makes some bubble hash

    This was my second time making the bubble hash. First time I used a mixer, mixing it right in the bags with the ice. I felt like it made the end result greener. This time I mixed it by hand and separately in another bucket for about 15 min and then poured it into the 220 bag. Mixed a little...
  10. FHsolventless

    U.K. Novice hash maker let's talk hash

    So as the title says Ever since I held my first piece of hash over 20 years ago, I said to myself wow wonder if or how you make this stuff. It's only took me 20 years to start. I've been making hash now for about 6months and I'm obsessed with it to be honest. I've invested in some real good...
  11. smokers420

    Bubble Hash Bags

    Good day everyone. I have been wanting to start making bubble hash off my harvest for my meds. I would like some input on where to get good quality bags for a good price. I'm wanting 5 gallon bags, I have seen some on eBay for cheap but I would like to get the best for my money. Hope someone can...
  12. boaz lagniapp

    Purple Kush 12 days after germination

    12 days after germination using aeroponics. My Purple Kush roots are cruising. after 30 days I'll transplant them to 70% coco coir, & 30% perlte in small cloth grow bags. Then into 10 gallon cloth grow bags for final growth. With the coco coir and perlite mixture in the bags the root system gets...
  13. C

    'Weetos,' 'Froot Poofs' Cannabis Snacks Uncovered in LaPlace Narcotics Investigation

    They may appear to be normal snacks and cereals, but upon further inspection and a quick tweak of the name these products offer more than just questionable nutrition. Bags of 'Weetos,' Froot Poofs' and 'Cannamon Toast Crunch' were discovered during a narcotics investigation in Laplace by the...
  14. P

    Exhale CO2 bags any good?

    I was thinking of buying one and putting it in front of my intake fan for my small tent. Does anyone have any experience with these co2 bags? Exhale co2 bags
  15. BostonGreen

    Bubble bag question - Please help

    hey guys this is a simple question I'm running my first bubble bags i am just having such a hard time getting the product out of the bottom of the bag..... does anybody have any techniques or anything that make getting the hash out of the bottom of the bags easier... i use a spoon ovb but its a...
  16. S

    Mildew on Walmart grow bags

    So I am growing with Walmart grow bags and I am seeing what I think is powdery mildew on the bag. My plants don't have anything on them and I'm not sure that that's what is in the bag. I need some input from others that have grown with the Walmart bags. The color of them is blue of course it...
  17. doctor green

    $2 smart pots

    Thought I'd share this with everyone these plants are grown in polypropylene extra large shopping bags they are usually $1 sometimes $2 , polypropylene is the same material on the inside of grow bags , these big bags are 80 litres but these bags come in all sizes . I'm growing 4 big...