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  1. Dabeast09

    Dabeast's bud porn: ongoing adventure

  2. M

    Bag Seed Grow: First Time Grow

    Hi, this is my first grow and I decided to just use bag seeds. It was sorta an impulsive decision to start growing but I’ve definitely given it 110%. I have 4 plants (I started with 5 but I sent 3 into flower and only 2 were female) the other 2 are still in veg and I’m not sure of the sex. I’m...
  3. Michael Hunt

    Completed First Grow In 10 Years: DWC Bagseed, Sherbert

    Welcome to our journal everyone. Glad to be back on the forums after a long hiatus from growing any fun plants. There will be a giant plant, lots of rambling, and with a little luck, tons of pictures of big ol sticky buds. This grow is already pretty far along so i will go over the environment...
  4. 20200210_111231.jpg


    Dolo day 39 from seed
  5. 20200210_111119.jpg


    Dolo day 39 from seed
  6. 20200209_143927.jpg


    Dolo day 38 from seed
  7. 20200209_144531.jpg


    Dolo day 38 from seed
  8. Dangerdan1993

    From bagseed to bud!

    Well guys I said i was going to do it and I did got my bagseed down in some miracle gro performance organics...(only choice) after the transplant it will be fox farms I have a small 2x2x6 foil lined room hopefully next grow I'll be able to invest in a tent... plants seem strong and happy...
  9. StonerWunSimba

    Dolo the bag seed: can I get a lil' advice?

    Hey growers? This is my lil bag seed Dolo. She is 1 month from popping out the ground today. And she is growing a lot a lot!! And I want to make sure she can continue to do so. Basically feeding her so she grows vigorously. Lights are on timer for 20/4. Which she seems to love. But I do have a...
  10. B

    First Timer

    Howzit everyone first time growing in my 36 years of life and cana consumption. I decided to sign up and start a grow journal with the 420 Magazine community late in my grow (11 weeks old) because now I getting excited about my plant. Super laid back, even with constructive criticism so no...
  11. M

    Hey there, I’m new here! Bagseed help needed

    Hey all! I’m MissSmokahontas, and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been a keen 420 enthusiast for the last 10 years. I found a load of “Bagseeds” in my last batch. I have no idea what strand it was (could be a Indica/Hybrid) but the batch was pretty decent so I decided to try my luck with a...
  12. Commando45

    Completed CFL Bagseed Grow

    8th week bagseed, lst'd, gonna let her go another week imo...thoughts guys an gals?? all input welcomed with gratitude
  13. Bagseed #1

    Bagseed #1

    Thinned her out a little
  14. DonkeyDick

    DD Stable Of Impermanence

    Hello 420ville Welcome to my Stable Of Impermanence All contributions - from the most pointy headed botanical science, to jokes about my nom de net or anything else for that matter - are openly invited and warmly welcomed. I especially want anyone to chime in who shares the multiple...
  15. W

    WillYumm's Outdoor Unknown Mixed Bagseed Grow Journal, 2019

    Me: Dude! My weed plant is starting to flower! Friend: Nice! What seeds did you purchase? Me: None, I'm just using bagseed. At the starting of this Journal, I am already into the second month of this grow. I will provide a rundown of events that will catch us up to the current state of the...
  16. Kings kush

    Kings kush

  17. honkonitpopo

    LED 100W Bagseed Grow!

    Hey everyone, long time grower, first time journal. I am using 100w of cob led, and have a total of 10 plants so far. My grow container is an ex-water softener barrel that has been through one grow already, but this is the first time with just led's. I have one 50w cob led in a cool spectrum...
  18. R

    Completed 1st Grow, Six Different Plants: Types, Age, Phases

    Hello, I can't wait to learn more and create monster buds one day. I have to start out by saying I am on a disabled vet with 4 kids kinda budget. Buddy gave me 2 plants near death, read a little, washed roots, and transplanted into organic potting soil/perlite/ peat moss. Had them in bottom...
  19. 20180813_100437.jpg


    111 days from seed. Week 7 flower.
  20. 20180802_091044.jpg


    Day 1 week 5 flower
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