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    purp bagseed.jpg

    purp bagseed
  2. 4 in a pot flower

    4 in a pot flower

  3. TheDankBone

    TheDankBone's Bagseed Grow! Tons Of Pictures

    Hello everyone! Been growing for a couple successful harvests and have followed this site for years. It just dawned on me recently how sad it is not having documentation of the nice little plants I've grown, and so here I am! Feel free to join me along the way. I intend to post quite frequently...
  4. Greenfox

    Bag Seed Grow Indoor - LED - Soil

    Started 8 seeds, all random, with strain possibilities of them being; lemon kush, lemon haze, frosty freeze, grape soda, and Chernobyl. Days1-5 were spent presoaking my seeds, Germination, Planting, emerging with their cotyledons, and first true leaves are starting to show. Watering...
  5. C

    Week 4 of flower and most trichombs are already cloudy & milky - Is this normal?

    unknown bagseed of some loud.. stealth, cardboard box, micro grow, from 16oz solo cup to 44oz cup 4 23w 100w-eq.. no nutes 12/12 after 1 week of veg
  6. M

    11 Day Old Beauties - First Grow!

    Day 11, Temp is a constant struggle. Just made 2 vents with mesh filter seem to be making no difference. Other than that the seem very healthy. Running 6 150w CFLs so far hardly no questionable stretch being a ft away from the light. Using FoxFarm Ocean Forrest. They were just transplanted...
  7. MostlyCloudy

    1st Time - Bag Seed - Hydro AKA Hydro Valentine's Surprise

    Whats the word? As stated in the title this is a 1st time Bag Seed Hydro grow. This grow was started on Valentines day and one week later respectively so hopefully theses ladies don't stand me up. From seed to rockwool cubes 24-36hrs til 1st leafs. I know this just dont work with most of what I...
  8. I

    Bag Seed Grow - Flowering Week 3

    im starting a thread to cover the flowering period of my plant that is just starting to grow calyxes with hairs. The seeds that the plant came from is low grade. The grow box was made out of a small cabinet (3ft tall x 10inches wide x 1.2ft deep) with a four way cfl fixture ( 2 1800 lueman...
  9. B

    CFL - First Grow - Bag Seed

    Last year I met a guy from my dad he was like 65 a old war vet. He showed me his grow he had about 15 plants he was using some type of soilless he taught me how to make butter,lst,clone,and a few other things I would pick up here and there during are conversations,I just moved back to my home...
  10. K

    Sativa Dominant Bag Seed - 2nd Generation

    Sativa dominant seeds from outdoor bagseed plants, growing indoors. 6 cfls about 8550 lumens 5 seedlings plan to increase to 10,000 lumens MG soil Started germing in peat pellets may 26 Transplanted to MG soil 29th First grow Plan to vegetate for 1 month or after several fimmings, and...
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