1. Keffka

    Keffkas Coast Of Maine Line, TLO/LOS Style, Bagseed, Indoor Grow

    Welcome to the newcomers and welcome back to the returning folks! I’m going to be launching a second grow with the same bagseed I sourced for my first grow that turned out excellent after a major intervention. All of the hardware will be the same, the area will be expanded, and the style will be...
  2. Having a bad hair day.

    Having a bad hair day.

    Roots from outdoor bagseed.
  3. Jungle Joseph

    Completed Experimental Grow To See The Difference Between Coco Perlite & Living Soil

    Hi there, I've decided to experiment a little with different substrates, nutrients etc. One topped itself. It's a bit crowded right now but I'm expecting some to be male. If not some might go outside. The two in the back are in living soil, same as the two in smallest pots, the rest are in coco...
  4. P

    Male Hermaphrodite Specimen

    Hey people! This is a story about a poor and lonely male plant. There once was a bagseed. It had seen it all during veg, you name it, cold temps, overfed, pests, totally random schedule, leaks, stripped almost to the bone numerous times. Even now it sees light for 13 not just 12h every day. At...
  5. R

    Abandoned Bag Seeds 150w HPS SoG Grow

    Cabin: 40x40x120 grow tent Light: 2 days with 23w CFL, Then 150 watts HPS until harvest Ventilation: large pc fan for exhaust, 12v ventilator and self-made humidifier .. => those who want to make here Seeds: 2 x haze, 4 x kush seeds from dealer weed. Method: I want to try the Sea Of Green...
  6. budlime


    Bud shot of one of my plants.
  7. Flower


    Bud shot of bagseed
  8. LLsBestGo

    Completed LL'sBestGo's: Variety Pro-Mix HP LED Grow

    Welcome one, welcome all! Here's my second grow on :420: grow area 2'8"x2'8" Lighting 2 x 110 actual watt, 1000 watt equivalent Soil Nutrients Bug control Diatomaceous earth Neem Oil

    Plant #5, patient zero
  10. 20200918_.jpg


    Plant 5, after 3red aphid treatment
  11. Pearcey's Plants

    Bag Seed Grow: Custom Light & LED

    Started a few bag seed for fun, let's see what we can get out of them. I currently have a green crack bag seed in flower that has turned out very well so far. Grow Tent 4’ x 3.5ft x 4ft Made from 2” PVC, wrapped with two layers of tarps and Mylar emergency blankets. Ventilation Exhaust: 6”...
  12. 20200210_111231.jpg


    Dolo day 39 from seed
  13. 20200210_111119.jpg


    Dolo day 39 from seed
  14. 20200209_143927.jpg


    Dolo day 38 from seed
  15. 20200209_144531.jpg


    Dolo day 38 from seed
  16. B

    Completed First Grow Of Bagseed

    Stories of first time growers most times start with bagseed, same. She's a strong plant, and in tandem we both are growing together. I never thought it'd sprout, but as my luck usually runs, I'm now farming. -Strain: bagseed (from friend) -Age: 11 weeks, 3days old from germ. (In 1st week of...
  17. M

    Hey there, I’m new here! Bagseed help needed

    Hey all! I’m MissSmokahontas, and I’m from Sydney, Australia. I’ve been a keen 420 enthusiast for the last 10 years. I found a load of “Bagseeds” in my last batch. I have no idea what strand it was (could be a Indica/Hybrid) but the batch was pretty decent so I decided to try my luck with a...
  18. Isabelles awaiting the reaper

    Isabelles awaiting the reaper

    DD: thanks again, 420!
  19. Unknown Strain Troubleshooting.jpg

    Unknown Strain Troubleshooting.jpg

    Unknown Strain, female, troubleshooting. Leaf claw.
  20. Unknown Strain Troubleshooting.jpg

    Unknown Strain Troubleshooting.jpg

    Unknown strain, Nutrient deficiency. Female.
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