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    Some of what I have going on this summer '18
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    My little garden
  3. loudm4n123

    First Indoor Soil Grow - MA-2 Dakini Kush Feminized - 2 Purp Bagseed

    how you doin I figured since its my first grow i would make a grow journal so you guys can watch, and help me out as I grow my first plants. I'm gonna be posting weekly updates so you can watch week by week from sprout to harvest. I think I have a pretty good set up. if you need any specifics...
  4. 4 in a pot angle

    4 in a pot angle

  5. C

    Indoor Bagseed 2x2x60 Tent CFL & LED - First Time Grow!

    Hello all, this is my first time to ever grow. I've studied so much online here and I'm having such a successful grow that I felt I should contribute to future growers with a few seeds from a sack and turn it into gold! I've struggled a lot with a plant or two and had tons of success so far...
  6. darkgemini

    Darkgemini's Outdoor Bagseed Guerilla Grow 2017

    Hi everyone. This is my first journal, but by far not my first grow. I grow a bit every year, but i decided to share this particular patch this year, just because it was so unconventional. This patch went through hell, but is actually exceeding my expectations by a lot. As of this post we are in...
  7. T

    10 Plants - Outdoor - In Ground - Central CA

    What's up everyone I've got 7 clones and 3 bagseeds in the ground and thought I'd share it with y'all. This is in central California. My lineup is as follows: Pineapple Tonic Last Tango Blue Zkittlez Blue Dream Double Dream Budder OG Banana Lemon Sherbet Plus 3 bagseeds, 2 of...
  8. T

    DIY TEST Project - DWC USN container conversion - CFL's - Bagseed - Under 60 dollars

    Hello All This is my first attempt at DWC "bubbleponics". Total cost approx 680 zar (52 usd) - I figure if I build another unit it will cost less because certain things I bought like Leca, I could only find in 10 liter, and I only needed about 500ml leca - so if I was able to buy less leca...
  9. W

    Mids/Schwag? Bagseed grow IN

    What's this second box for?
  10. lukebro

    Lukebro's 1st Grow From Bagseed

    Hi guys Lukebro here. I wanted to start this journal just to sort of map out my progress and of course get any input from the amazing community at :420: I will start with the specs What strain is it? -bagseed Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages? - unknown Is it in Veg or...
  11. Lilface2016

    New guy, lilface 2016, tent first grow!

    Hi everyone. I think I've found my way around... we'll see. New to this forum and could use whatever help or experience to share. I'm new to growing and involved in my first soul grow. I have a variety of questions, so let's play with plants. Thanks all, G
  12. LiveAndLetGro

    LiveAndLetGro's 1st Time DWC LED Bagseedx4 Grow - 2017

    Hello! First I would like to thank everyone for sharing their knowledge and wisdom. Because of folks like you, people like me are able to feel confident about getting started in what can seem like a very daunting venture. Okay so first attempt at a grow journal, lets see how this goes...I am...
  13. S

    CFL Permafrost Bagseed Grow

    I found a really nice developed seed in some really good Permafrost (Permafrost Strain Information - Leafly) a few weeks ago. Follow along if you'd like. Tips and critiques always welcome. Thanks!
  14. J

    First time grow - Bagseed 2x300 watt LED

    This is my closet grow, i have 5 bag seeds growing. The bud was sub par but i have faith i can get something good out of it. I am running 2 300watt leds by vipspectra. They were just transfered into their forever home 2 weeks ago which is a 5 gallon smart pot filled with fox farm soil and 20%...
  15. aminarc420

    1st Grow Ever & My Black Thumb

    So, I've never been great at gardening- In fact, the only plant I've ever tried to care for were cactus and yes, I managed to kill all 5 of them. But nonetheless I wanted to take a crack at growing my own medicine. So I planted 4 of these little guys around the 10th. (This is about 2 weeks...
  16. J

    Jackopotomus' Home Depot Bagseed 2017

    So I am on a real tight budget at the moment so Im building this grow on a homedepot card with 6 months interest free. Today I picked up 4 4ft 2bulb t8 light strips, a 10 pack of daylight deluxe 32w bulbs (6500k 2850 lumens) a 70cfm bathroom exhaust fan, a timer, a thermo/hydrometer, a...
  17. D

    Can someone verify that these are weed?

    My first thread here so sorry if its in the wrong spot or i don't include enough info. And also first time trying to grow. So basically i dug up a garden patch out the back and planted some bag seeds a couple weeks ago, and ive got all sorts of fresh weeds sprouting up on it by now, but i...
  18. GreenmanQLD

    Indoor LED Start - Outdoor Finish - Bag Seed - Soil

    Hey 420'ers, Im starting my second journal as my first one failed, which you can see here: Stealth - 130W CFL Veg - 400W HPS Flower - Bag Seed - Soil I had all the right ingredients but the seed stock was rubbish, My plant was Hermi and it shattered me so much that I abandoned my journal and...
  19. H

    Question about leaf colors

    Hello everyone, This is my first time growing, having this beauty for 24 days now with 2 CFL's (one 2600k and one 6500k) both makes 100W light (consuming 20w each.) The soil I bought is a general soil for vegetables and indoor growing. Im feeding with water around ever 2-3 days, it's drying...
  20. 4msterdam

    4msterdam's - Indoor - Budget - OG Kush Grow - Bag Seed

    I collected 3 BagSeeds of OG Kush and decided to try and grow them, rather than wasting them. Here goes my first post of this Journal. OG Kush BagSeed, Hybrid, (Dispencery where the bud+seed came from claimed 21% THC, 0% CBD, although I have no way to confirm this claim, I must say, it was...