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  1. N

    Bag Seeds From Unknown Purple - CFL Set Up - Complete Beginner - Advice Welcome

    Hello im completely a beginner when it comes to grows, my family has done it before, and i've done a lot of research in the past, so the other day my friend came over and sold me this purp that had nice seeds in it, he said he got it from a dispensary, he normally isn't the type to lie so i...
  2. S

    Dr60 - 250W MH/HPS Grow Journal - Bag Seed

    Welcome all. This is my first attempt at growing, I invested a small fortune into a set up, consisting of, 250mh/hps light not air cooled. Vents tt 4'' fan out. Standard carbon filter. John innes potting compost. Vitalink grow feed/bloom 5l pots. And of course bagseeds lol. So the...
  3. FirstOutGrow

    First Outdoor Grow

    Hi guys, This is my first attemp of growing (this is a outdoor grow). Im totally new to this and hope to get some tips on how to treat them. This is bag seeds so i dont really know what strain they are.. but till now ill say they are looking pretty great in my opinion! U can even smell the...
  4. R

    1st Closet Grow - Bagseeds in Soil 400w HPS

    Hello friends this is my first grow i have 3 plants all from bagseeds. I had four but one turn into a hermie so i cut it. My closet is half square. All advices are welcome :) Sorry for my bad english :) What strain is it? Its all bagseeds. Is it in Veg or Flower stage? Flowering...
  5. LoLIsh

    Another First Timer

    Hey everybody. So I'm another first timer here. I decided to experiment with growing, since the collective I was going to closed. So far, I have been having good results. My plants are 6 weeks old today. I am using Four 4' Fluorecent tubes, cool whites. The tallest plant is about 13" tall right...
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