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  1. GrowerGal

    3 Month LST, Low Stress Training

    Bringing you some photos of my 3-month lst grow. Started my 4 girlies indoors, eventually put them out on the balcony. Any way to get them to stop flowering? It's only June.
  2. GrowerGal

    Indoors to Balcony - Advice Needed

    Hi all, First time grow. 5th week. Pre-flowers showing. I'm starting indoors and then I want to take them out mid-May to mid-June (North American weather). I'm growing under weaker lighting (2x 65w and 1x 100w bulbs) and am hoping the sun does the rest. I get minimum 6 hours of direct...
  3. meejay

    Meejay's Outdoor Cheese Haze Grow Journal, 2020

    Hello everyone. This is my first growth attempt in 25 years of smoking weed. I will try to give as much information as possible throughout my journey. Unfortunately, I have found this site during 3rd week of vegetation stage last week. I have just decided to write a journey as well. What...
  4. Jtng1979

    Balcony grow

    This is my first plant grown to harvest. It's on my balcony on the third floor. Getting 6 hours of direct afternoon sun. Its a bag seed found in a good funky bag of bud. Its grown in bagged manure from home depot and perlite. It had 2 half doses of miracle grow all purpose. Given around 4th...
  5. B

    How's My 1st Grow Going?

    Hello, Im New Here As Well As To The #GrowLife In General And I've Had My Fare Share Of Difficulties But Overall I Think It's Going Good Considering. Im running 400 watt hps in 4'x4'x6' grow tent outside on my balcony. Im starting week 6 today and my girls seam light, strain is PARIS OG !
  6. J

    Bonsai! Want to grow tiny plant in a planter with herbs

    Hi team, Never grown before but I have a planter on my balcony with basil/cilantro that I'd like to tuck a little plant into and maybe try to "bonsai" it or keep it small to blend in with the other plants. I'm thinking of starting with these: Marijuana Seeds Canada - Buy Dwarf Low Flyer...
  7. B

    Greenhouse Jack Herer Feminized Outdoor Balcony Grow - 2016

    Hello everyone, I am new as a poster to this forum but I have been lurking for a while for good tips. I am an expat, Originally from Quebec, and living now in europe in the alp region. I have been growing back in Canada but not since I moved here a few years ago. During a trip to Amsterdam...
  8. K

    Kviertwintig's Lowryder F1 Grow Journal - 2015

    Bucket Size - 5 liter Medium - Gardening center "Seed and Stem" ground Lights - 138w CFL Nutrients - Pokon "Terrace and Balcony" 7/5/7 Strain(s) - Lowryder F1 # of Plants: 4 Yield : no idea yet I have pics on my pc, how do I upload them/?
  9. N

    I require aid diagnosing my Northern Light plants

    Hey guys! First of all, I hope my English is understandable, it's my second language. So I've planted my 2 Northern Light plants in the beginning of March and there appear to be some problems with them. I might be a little late trying to solve these issues but I've been very short on time...
  10. cavalocansado

    DP StarRyder & Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto - Balcony - First Grow

    Summary: Balcony grow in soil (Biobizz All-Mix in 8L pots), Some CFL to strengthen the seedlings, Biobizz Fish-Mix throughout as only nutrient 1 x Dutch Passion StarRyder / 1 x Dinafem Blue Cheese Auto. After I get these out in the sun on their own, I'll plant another SR. Hi everyone! Enough...
  11. X

    Lighting advice for a balcony grow

    Hi All, I am planning to start my grow in an apartment balcony at 19th floor. The plan is to start with 3 seeds of lemon haze (50% hybrid). I get direct sunlight in 7 in morning till 3 in the afternoon and the temperature around is in range 15-25 deg C. I want to know if I require...
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