1. Grow room

    Grow room

    3 x 600 watt Hps/Mh ballasts with contact switch and timer. The heart of the room.
  2. TheFertilizer

    Retro-fitting CMH lamps into MH ballasts

    Been reading around and I can't really find a straight answer on this. Now assuming for equal wattage, what's stopping a person from buying one of the socket conversions ( or finding a CMH bulb with an E39 ) and then running it in their usual digital MH ballast? I've heard that most of the CMH...
  3. B

    Using American 1000W digital ballasts in the UK?

    Hi all, Apologies if this seems like a stupid question. I've noticed the price of 1000W digital ballasts (specifically the Quantum Series dimmables on fleabay) in the US is massively cheaper than in the UK (even including shipping). Would it be possible to use these in the UK with a 3 pin...
  4. SolMJ

    Digital Ballasts - Diagnosis & Repair

    Hello 420, I would like to start a thread specifically about digital ballasts & how to repair them. All information including diagrams & pictures will be useful. For example what are the main components & what parts are the usual suspects in a faulty one? I will get the ball rolling by...
  5. W


    This is probably a dumb question but what exactly is the point of using a ballast? Why do you need one? Does a 400 watt ballast go with a 400 watt light and so on...? what will happen if i dont use a ballast?
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