1. V

    Cannabis Tiger Balm

    an effective way to clean up vessels used in making rso by making a pain reliving topical balm. the oil residue left after reduction is very difficult to remove, this is a excellent recycle method that utilizes coconut oil and a wonderful product known as tiger balm used as a topical for sore...
  2. SweetTea54

    New Member Intro and Help Request For Use of Cannabis Oil

    Hello all. My name is Esther and I am from Washington State. I am requesting your help because Google searching hasn't been as effective as I hoped. I am new to this whole topic of cannabis for cancer treatment and pain relief and only got involved because I have a sister who is now in...
  3. L

    Kief Balm?

    I'm a really new MMJ patient; I got my card on Friday. I bought some Ganja Juice medicated lotion, and it works really well. I have fibromyalgia, and was walking around a lot yesterday, and it worked like a charm on my hip pain. It worked WAY better than ibuprofen would, and from what...
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