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    Can LED stage lighting be used in grow room?

    I am noobe and wondering if I can use the led lights from my band that just broke up for lighting on my plants. Anybody ever tried this. thanks
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    OR: THC - The Hemp & Cannabis Fair Salem

    When: April 1 - April 2, 2017 Saturday 10AM — 5 PM & Sunday 11AM — 5PM Venue: Oregon State Fair & Exposition Center 2330 17th St NE Salem, OR United States Website: THC Fair THC Fair brings everything related to hemp & marijuana under one roof! This celebration of cannabis...
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    Great band to listen to when high ('Shack')

    A great band to listen to when high is the band 'Shack'. There a band from Liverpool in the UK. This is one of their songs... There are many more, such as: 'Streets of Kenny', 'Cup of tea', Comedy, 'Lends some dough' and 'Sgt Major'. Hope you enjoy... and i'd like to hear your feedback.
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