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  1. Ron Strider

    Canada: Why Are Some Licensed Cannabis Producers Using Banned Myclobutanil

    After a licensed producer in Ladysmith recalled some of its product last month, the use of banned pesticides in cannabis cultivation has been a hot topic in the media. Last week, staff at The Globe and Mail reported stories on two separate instances of product recall with two very different...
  2. D

    Hygrozyme is it being banned in Cali - What's a substitute

    i was just told by a friend they were taking hygro of the shelves, no longer ca approved
  3. LEDBud

    Canadians not told about banned pesticide found in medical pot supply

    The fears of big Pharma / Corporate pot poisoning us with pesticides just became true / reality whats worse is they are using banned pesticides. This is what happens when you let bean counters run businesses , look at what they did to the farm industry. Its disgusting they care only of...
  4. G

    CFL substitute

    I have been using CFLs but now can't find any anywhere.I don't know if they have been banned or what. What kind of bulbs can I use?