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    Barcelona Cannabis Club Shut Down For Selling Marijuana Candy

    Barcelona - Authorities in Spain closed down a cannabis club in Barcelona that sold marijuana candy and other similar products to more than 16,000 people, many of them tourists, police said Tuesday. They arrested five managers of the club, which opened in 2013 in the centre of the popular...
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    Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum Barcelona

    Located in the heart of Barcelona's Ciutat Vella ("Old City"), the Gothic Quarter features an abundance of stately buildings, from stately ancient and medieval structures to modernist masterpieces. Included among the latter is the Palau Mornau, a grand Renaissance-cum-modernist structure that...
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    Spannabis 2014 Highlights - Interviews and Event Coverage Videos From Herbies

    Watch Herbies Full Coverage of this Year's Spannabis 2014 Expo Event at the Fira de Cornellá, Barcelona, Spain which took place on 14th-16th March 2014. Herbies Seeds Interview with Derry from Barneys Farm Seeds @ Spannabis 2014 in Barcelona Spain. Disclaimer: This video and all videos by...