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    Outdoor Growers - When do you change nutes to bloom?

    Growing outdoors for my first time in Norcal, was wondering when I should change the nutes over away from the high N veg formula? I have a satvia that is already showing herself and beginning the probably 7th day of flower as of today and then I have a GDP that hasn't really started budding...
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    Help with drug test coming up

    Please help I been clean for 28 days before my test 5 10 and 250lbs took 4 home tests 3 out of 4 were pass last one was with dilution and barely visible line and I mean barely if I fail this test I go to prison
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    Is it ready to harvest

    My two heavyweight fruit punch has been flowering since sometime in mid to end april...when I look at th trichomes they are barely turning Amber some are still cloudy some still clear