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    420's - 12/12 From Seed - SOG - Hydro NFT - Grow Journal

    :welcome: to my grow journal on :420: I wanted to share my experience as an hydro NFT grower. I've been growing for many years. Not many grow journals are made using this hydroponic NFT technique and rockwool. Even less are about both NFT and 12/12 from seed. I was looking for some grow...
  2. Greaper905

    Greaper905's Barney's Farm Tangerine Dream Feminized

    Im New to posting around here, but have been here reading and lurking mostly. Have posted on s few sites & have posted a grow progress on others. This will probably be my new home for posting my grows :) This will be my 5th Grow, 4rd Indoor. Previous grows: (2) CKS White Widow, (1) CKS...