barneys honey b

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    LST query - first grow

    I have Barneys Honey B and Arjans Strawberry Haze growing in soil, in a tent, under 600w HPS. After a few problems with temp control, (too low, too high), things seem to have settled down now, and I'm approaching 7 weeks in veg from seed. Theyr'e in 4 gallon (US) pots. Started to LST them two...
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    Abandoned First Grow/Barneys HoneyB/Soil/July 2010

    First grow Barneys Honey B. Barneys Honey B/Soil/August 2010-08-18 6 Plants from feminized seeds. Secret Jardin DS1200 CFW 200W 600w HPS with reflector 6” inline fan 4” inline fan Carbon Filter Using rainwater Allmix soil, ec 2.4, ph 6.6 with added perlite I don’t think there’s been a journal...
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