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  1. D

    1 week into flush

    Hello everybody! I'm one week into my flush and I notice freaking webbing on my rockwool right at the base where the stem shoots out. I just sprayed the rockwool and base of the main stem ONLY with sm-90, cilantro and garlic oil (can't locate my neem oil). Right now the buds don't seem...
  2. L

    1st Grow Bubblegum & Just Jack

    1 x 45w full spectrum growstar LED panel No base nutes just superthrive and golden tree
  3. J

    Medal Of Honor Recipient Reveals He Was High On Marijuana When He Fought The Vietcong

    Peter Charles Lemon was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions on April 1, 1970 in Vietnam. Recently, Lemon revealed that he was high on marijuana while fighting off two waves of Vietcong and bravely defending his base. Lemon was 20-years-old when he was stationed in Tay Ninh in Vietnam...
  4. GrowInTheDark

    Weird leaf coloring?

    I have a plant that suddenly started discoloring, at the base of one leaf, any ideas? p.s that is just some soil i spilled on the leaves.