1. M

    Need help with my new grow schedule

    Hi guys I'm looking for people's opinions my nutrient schedule on my schedule I am not that new to growing I have 5 grows under my belt but I've been getting into additives some more now and I see a difference, like should I give it different additives one week and different additives the next...
  2. Q

    Soil grow questions & critiques

    hey there gents, so my buddies grow is soil based and he mixed bonemeal and bat guano with his soil when he first planted, and then later added like a cup of bat guano and a cup of bonemeal to the top layer of soil at 4 weeks of veg. its week 1 of flower and he just added a 0-0-10 and AV's...
  3. C

    Bat In Growroom

    Question is , can the Bat do any damage to plants ? plants are White Widow , four of them about a foot tall in veg
  4. Z

    Bat guano

    Has anyone used bat guano for hydro grow?
  5. trichomes

    I caught the Moth Eating Bat! in HD video

    You may have heard mention of the BAT that feeds on moths I see every evening. Finally got him on this short video, that plays at live speed and then at slower speed. It's nice to get some help with the many moths I am battling. :peace: Here's the link that can be viewed in full screen HD...
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