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  1. Jackalope

    Has anyone made their own Caviar?

    I have 2 ounces of nice looking buds from a Diesel cross that had to be harvested early because of bud mold. I threw out every thing from the top 1/4 of the plant. The rest of the plant was clear from any mold. Problem is you can really tell it was not finished right. Taste and smell are fine...
  2. M

    CoCo grow - Need opinions

    Hey folks, Growing in coco, Fox farm, ph good at 5.8, checked daily prior to watering. Here is the problem, they look reallllly light color, and 1 is almost lime color. Should be a tad darker, although they are growing fast, Id think they should be close to the baby leafs, ( very first...
  3. beachbumcindy

    Is there any equipment to test the potency of a new batch of homemade edibles?

    Just made small batch coconut infused oil last week and I am hating yet another day of guinea pig dosing. I got couch-lock a few weeks ago from a store bought edible and I do not want to go there again so I'm small dosing but I do not want to do this every time I make a batch. I have to make...
  4. B

    Help! Planted Clones Too Early

    Hey guys, After a fairly successful cloning experience this Spring I think I rushed getting them out into the outdoor beds to early. They are living but growing very slowly. After much searching online, I think with the first batch I didnt leave enough time from transplanting into a solo...
  5. F

    New batch of seeds - Opinions & advice please!

    I just put new batch of seeds in rapid rooters after soaking for 2 days. They are in a 5 x 5 tent under humidity dome, not under direct light. There is a 200w LED in same tent, over my two autos that are like 35 days old and going. After these sprout, should i put under my cheap 10$ fluorescent...
  6. circuit

    Colorado pain lotion

    Here in Colorado we need moisturizing lotion because of the altitude and low humidity, so my concept is to combine a premium moisturizer with cannabis oil, to get pain relief at the same time. The first batch is in wife-testing now, she reports that the sore shoulder that bothers her most of the...
  7. BlissfulToker

    How many doses from a Half Oz?

    Im planning to make brownies out of a half oz of of good kush. Seeing as i've never made brownies before, approximately how many doses would be in a batch made with a half oz? I would deem an appropriate dose strength to be the equivalent of 2 joints smoked ( but of course LASTING longer...
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