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  1. Gronk

    My hello to the community

    Hey guys and gals. Thought I would take the time to intro myself and tell you all a bit about myself. 60 years old. Retired, on disability. 2 herniated discs in my neck. Well 1, as they replaced one 8 years ago with a little red plastic life-saver looking thingy. I also have COPD. Advanced...
  2. Happyjoy

    6" bathroom vent 170 cfm, vs 5" inline fan 150 cfm?

    hey there everyone. im trying to improve my grow space after adding a 400w hps to the room(only had a 96x3 led till now, now theyre both together). temps are getting 86f during day, and 60 at night during lights off. the room is 2x3x5(height), and i have a simple bathroom type of vent. the...